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Stuart Lovatt talks PV solar panels

Passionate about solar technologies.

PV solar panels and their associated plugins come with so many benefits that it's just common sense to install them, especially in today's crazy world.

In 2004, I first coined the phrase:

"The fight for civilisation's won;
The challenge of keeping it has just begun!"

And the Power My Home story began.

At that time, the most popular form of solar technology was solar heating panels, and that's why the website was named Power My Home. Today things are very different and photovoltaic's dominate because of the feed-in tariff scheme.

"There's nothing more powerful than a technology whose time has come."

Nowadays Power My Home has a double meaning because more and more people are now struggling to heat their homes because of the unabated rising cost of energy.

Within the entire history of the human race, the last two generations have been the first generation without the need to fight for its basic survival.

We are currently living through 'the golden age of humanity', and very few people appreciate this fact. An economy built on cheap oil/energy over the last 150 years is now slowly dying.

However, over the coming years, humanity will be inflicted with 'increased global demand', alongside 'dwindling resources'. Far less than we are used to when we were growing up.

"Providing an invaluable source for solar pioneers and installers."

After feeding ourselves, the most important fundamental human requirement is to heat and power our 21st-century lives.

It's technology, not politics that will ultimately shape the future of the human race.

For this crazy world.

  Solar Stu from Power My Home

"Power My Home is a by-product of my enthusiasm for PV solar panels after seeing the benefits for myself."

For a crazy world.

Solar panels in the UK
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This crazy world
To my son

Solar Stu.

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Old Power My Home logo

Sunshine solar panels. Original 2004 Heat My Home logo. Established when solar heating was popular. Today PV is King.

Power My Home was born

Home of the solar savvy.

Power My Home is aimed at homeowners who want to save money on energy bills long-term with a solar panel installation and contribute towards humanities bigger picture.

The website has gone from strength to strength with its ability to capture and keep interest in the subject of solar panel technology and has been its unique selling point. I am now happy to work alongside experts who can give homeowners peace of mind.

The website contains a wealth of information for inspired people in one central online environment. It gives visitors a practical introduction to the available technologies on offer, including trusted MCS installers, information on technology choices and installation quotes for the solar savvy.

Created by enthusiasts for your benefit.

For today and tomorrow.

National and international issue's show that solar panels will not be a lifestyle choice, but a necessity to reduce the effects of continued energy price rises.

Year-on-year price increases and the need to make proper grown-up decisions about our energy needs have brought the PV and EV markets to the mainstream, and I am particularly pleased that people are beginning to view this technology as seriously way of generating their energy requirements.

I'm hoping this website will help you see the world slightly different, more fragile, more vulnerable. After all, to be aware is allowing people to prepare. I am hoping the Power My Home website can help aid our civilisation's transition away from the 'age of oil' with less of a bump.

Otherwise, enjoy it while you can, because the outlook for future generations is bleak.

I foresee a father and his son sat around a campfire chatting. The father tells his son that once, in times gone by, there were high iron eagles that left spider webs across the sky. People once walked on the surface of the moon, but they both know that this is only a legend - a myth passed down the generations.

Welcome to the solar century.


"Forward with confidence."

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Power My Home.

The UK's only PV solar installers and EV enthusiast network.
"Technology that lasts longer than a mortgage."
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