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Stuart Lovatt talks freedom with solar panels

Every generation fights to maintain freedom.

In 2004 I witnessed my first installation.

During that time, solar heating was popular with environmental type people.

My journey down the solar road was exploratory in the beginning as your doing today, and the sense that everyone should have this never went away.

PV solar panels today are aimed at homeowners who want to save money and generate a return-on-investment while contributing to the human story. Now achievable with PV export tariffs.

I love solar panels.
 Solar Stu from Power My Home

Knowledge is power

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Switched-on people.

A new framework for a transition away from the costly old energy regime towards a new world that rewards and encourages personal energy responsibility.

Power My Home was developed to showcase PV-technologies, smash ill-formed perceptions and finally kick start your 21st-century.

Ultimately, self-generating power with free motor mileage will bring an exciting era to your story too.

I'm proud that I supported this game-changing technology in its most wobbly years.

An unenlightened era when energy corporations, mainstream media, government policy and societal perceptions were hostile towards it.

Today is a new day, and self-generation brings a whole new dimension to our modern lives.

A special thank you to those industry professionals who contributed to this initiative.

Enthusiasm and collective experience created Power My Home.

We're fully-charged and here to help with your energy freedom too.

"Light is life."
Stuart Lovatt

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