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Stuart Lovatt talks solar panels

I created Power My Home back in 2004 because the solar heating industry was a wild west of terrible technology and installers.

Determined to help those wanting to invest, I showcased the best technologies and directed people to more reputable installers.

I was commended for my work in 2010 by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, and whose perseverance created the world-leading industry we're proud of today.

Today, I help new adopters get a better deal.

My journey down the solar panel road was exploratory in the beginning, and the sense that everyone should have this never went away.

PV-tech is for homeowners who want to save money on 'ever-increasing' energy costs and generate a return-on-investment while insulating from geopolitical woes!

Self-generation with free mileage will bring an exciting chapter to your story too.

I'm proud that I supported this game-changing technology in its earliest years.

Enthusiasm and experience created this website.

I'm fully-charged and here to help.

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Power My Home.

We love PV and EV installers.

I love solar panels.

"We empowered the earliest PV pioneers and continue
to help homeowners following in their footsteps."

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