Dismantling feudalism with PV solar panels

For nearly a thousand years, the energy market has been designed to rip-off the common folk.

True freedom with EV and PV technologies.

True freedom with EV and PV technologies.

From the first Middle Ages logging Barons to Industrial Revolution coal and then today’s gas and electricity network.

The system has always been rigged to make the peasant class pay a very high price to heat their homes.

Becoming independent of this energy network is far more straightforward today, than at any time in the past and that’s why our feudalist masters are so afraid of solar panels.

Since the Norman conquest, resources to heat our homes have been tightly controlled and built up massive wealth for a minority of people at the expense of the majority.

For the first time in a thousand years, that control is threatened by PV (photovoltaic) solar panels with battery storage capabilities.

A household nowadays can generate and store the majority of its electricity, heat it’s hot water and power around in an EV (electric vehicle) using power freely derived electricity from the sun.

Scary stuff if your investment portfolio is dependent on the public burning stuff on a daily basis.

Today’s technological advancements allow a single PV system to power, heat and drive savvy families into the 21 st century and with three decades of energy security in an insecure country.

Solar panel systems today can store power for night time use, and so the only restrictions on real energy independence are the size of your roof space.

I love solar panels because they will bring down a thousand years of feudal control and allow us to begin a new game-changing paradigm.

No wonder, the current government is discreetly trying to kill off solar in the UK.

However, the horse has already bolted, and energy-savvy people are tooling-up with solar panel technologies for decades worth of free domestic energy and benefiting from the annual savings that come with them.

Today you can get three decades worth of:

Free electricity day and night.

Free hot water day and night.

Free motor mileage with (electric vehicle) EV day and night.

Pride in your keen foresight.

And all this for the price of a ‘bottom of the market’ car.

These are the benefits that our current political masters don’t want you to know about such things.

However, the real significance of solar technology is not yet realised by most people, but those whose wealth is derived from dead dinosaurs – certainly do!

Global oil prices are back on the rise, so it’s now undoubtedly worth unshackling yourself and being part of history to forge an alternative energy future.

For another thousand years

If you find your views to be on the side of the majority, then it’s time to pause and reflect and never has this been so true when looking at today’s energy market.

We’re the generation that can see how traditional energy has brought us to the point of economic, socialistic and environmental failure after only a thousand years of exploitation.

We continue to soak up price rises in our energy costs year-after-year and still expect a different result. This is the definition of madness as described by Einstein himself.

Today, we know differently. We know about the lies and billions spent on covering up the damage that fossil fuel burning has on the planet. We know about the devastation left behind by frackers in a desperate last-ditch attempt to keep a one-thousand-year-old pyramid scheme functioning.

As other countries embrace a solar-powered world, our current crop of ‘leaned on’ politicians are doing their best to destroy the UK’s fledgeling solar industry at the request of their future employers.

If you don’t want to be viewed as human cattle anymore, then solar panels are your ‘Trump’ card towards real change that will last another one thousand years.

In a King Canute style wave, the demand for solar panels is going to sweep across the world regardless. Britain will once again be known as the ‘Dirty old man of Europe’ with its human-herd paying the highest price regarding health and wealth under our old feudalistic masters.

We’re looking to be the generation that sat back and allowed our great solar-powered future to slide away, while our European neighbours watch their economies grow year-on-year, as a growing number of families are released from the shackles of costly energy.

Or are we going to wake up to the fact that British politics no longer has the best interest of its people! We’re cash cows, and the evidence seems clear to see in your quarterly energy bills.

Installing solar panels represents the only way for us ordinary folk to make real changes and secure ourselves from the self-interested politics of today and self-preservation policies of our Lords and Masters.

They fear solar panels for its real power to set the peasant class free. You benefit regarding decades of free household heat and power and social benefits for millennia.

Bringing down a thousand years of feudalism with solar panels is achievable now. EV and PV technologies are improving and growing in popularity worldwide.

A new peasants ‘peaceful’ revolt.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2017-03-14
Founder of Power My Home.