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Solar panels and working from home

Solar panels and working at home go together like cheese and toast. Businesses will twig that they can dramatically cut expenses by shifting energy costs towards the employees and save on office space too.

It’ll be this thinking that will bounce the economies back once the starting pistol gets fired. Commuter costs come down, but working from home means higher energy costs.

PV solar panels are the only real long-term solution to spending so much time at home in this new world unfolding. This new work-from-home era will be a seismic shift of energy responsibility towards the employee in situations where the employer can do so.

Nothing will be the same again, as I’m sure you’ll already have realised.

Did we take the daily commute for granted? Similarly don’t take your cheaper household energy costs for granted in a post-COVID-19 world either. A simple case of being careful what you wish. The downside of this shift towards home working will be the burden of higher energy expenditure put on the workers. Intrusive spyware like Alexa may become the norm too.

Solar panels may not be suitable for everyone in this predicament; however, for those that can, an installation will be a significant personal investment, especially with the advent of PV export tariffs.

So, the big question is, will solar panels power your home life and workload while getting out of that nasty air-conditioned environment?

Yes, with today’s new PV-tech.

Consider spending your old commuting costs on solar-powering your new post-COVID life.

Solar panels have always been a symbol of freedom, and that’s why the establishment has hated them over previous years. Potentially they allow the masses to escape from the centralised energy model.

Similarly, cramming all your staff into a monotone box in the middle of an industrial estate has continued because, in previous years, the technology to interconnect everyone wasn’t available. Today’s interconnectivity, technological advancements, and a surprise pandemic will sweep away the long-established customs throughout every corner of daily life.

Power-hungry bosses have always been uncomfortable allowing grown adults to manage their time and workload without personal oversight. I say, if you distrust your employees that much, then that’s a managerial failure for employing such people in the first place. Today, it’s a new world and technology is available to connect groups, companies, and people like never before. The daily commute for millions of workers may be coming to a close. If this is you, then powering the home with solar panels makes perfect sense today.

PV solar technologies have arrived just in time to allow people to work from home for free over the coming decades. Invest in battery storage, and you get to enjoy your downtime in the evenings for free too. Additionally, enjoy your usual after-work shower, with free sun-heated hot water with the PV-heat converter if you have a hot water tank. And, if you’re very successful and astute, then you’ll have an EV (electric vehicle) charging itself via your newly acquired solar panels outside.

Question answered I suggest.

I’d go as far as to say, solar panels do for the home worker, what a Swiss army knife does for an eight-year-old boy camping.

PV’s got it all. There new, exciting, and definitely more useful to the human story than HR. When the dust settles, this new civilisation unfolding will run leaner and become greener, simply by staff not commuting daily. First, the bosses will adopt PV, then trickle down over time to middle management with more astute employees becoming later adopters further down the timeline.

Will solar panels power my home and workload? Yes, solar technologies and working from home has finally arrived.

The pros outweigh the cons in both.

The forest grows greener after the fire!

New world savvy.

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