My PV solar panel epiphany

I met another PV solar enthusiast, and it felt like we should’ve had a special handshake.

My PV-solar panel epiphany.

Today, PV-ownership is like being in a private members club.

During our conversation, I had an epiphany.

I forecast yet another divide opening to fracture our country.

A homeowner and home renter divide will grow as the consequences of living in the 21st-century now inevitably circumscribe!

Homeowners will increasingly adopt PV solar panels while they’re renting counterparts will be unable to equip themselves with alternative technology.

The Switch N Save industry can only plug the dam temporarily.

PV solar panels will eventually become a symbol of energy freedom.

Sadly, a two-tier energy class system will evolve with renters taking the full brunt of year-on-year energy price rises.

A combination of falling photovoltaic (PV) panel prices is making solar power adoption more attractive for consumers across Europe, and the beginnings of a change in attitude opening-up in the UK too.

How ironic then, that half our country will follow Germany’s lead through necessity, but not by example.

Today’s UK adopters can typically expect to recoup a solar investment in twelve years with accompanying self-consumption technology through battery storage capability decreasing that further.

This fact is a fantastic accolade for a technology whose actual benefits last for 30 plus years.

Tailored deals are on offer alongside a correctly-sized system for your particular lifestyle could reduce payback even further. An aspect to PV that’s been understated in previous years.

Self-consumption PV systems are the way forward for consumers.

Seventy years later and fossil/nuclear fuel subsidies will keep climbing forever, while PV solar panels have become subsidy-free in only fifteen years – In your face Daily Snail.

Actually, the UK is now powered by 58.5% renewable energy right now.

A double-win for alternative technology.

Green energy has put fossil energy to shame such a short period of time – I digress.

Sadly, the rental home market won’t be able to benefit going forward.

Homeowners who’re savvy enough to purchase a mortgage; are also astute enough to free themselves from the rising costs of energy in this 21st-century energy nightmare.

PV solar panels are a technology whose time has come, I described to my new PV-powered friend.

We shook hands and went about our sunny day.

Here’s what we concluded.

Like shopping at Aldi in a new Audi.

At first, comes hesitance, then a reticent research visit, but once the savings come rolling in, then bragging about your super-astute decision becomes imminent.

Bragg-ability rights are yours for the taking once PV solar panels are installed.

Even as little as two years ago, PV without subsidies would have been laughable, but rising electricity prices, Chinese built nuclear power station deals and lower panel prices have intertwined and changed the game forever.

Historically, PV was an off-grid and off-world satellite technology. The cost was out of this world too.

Today, the cost of a 4 kW installation has reduced from an eye-watering £15,000 in 2007 to around five grand today (depending on additional plugin extras).

Much much less for a tailored smaller sized system.

PV is now a valid viable financial option, especially with its thirty years operational lifespan. Like shopping at Aldi, thirty years of astute shopping will accumulate to pay for your Audi in the car park over that time.

Political ineptitude increases energy costs year-on-year, so take back control?

Your own PV epiphany has just arrived.

PV panel prices are so low nowadays that they have become entangled in geopolitical trade warfare between Europe, China and Trump. The most significant expense within an installation is the highly-skilled installation process.

A newfound loyalty to sun-powered electricity will be appreciated once your following some of the worlds largest corporations into adopting alternative technology too.

We are now subsidy-free despite UK fossil energy lobbyists efforts to discourage our industry over the last decade.

In comparison, the European market increased by 55% with robust adoption trends. Additionally projected to continue over the next few years. PV and EV (electric vehicles) are two best friends skipping joyfully into a promising future together.

PV solar panels will be as loved in the UK as Aldi and Audi, both respected today but equally met with scepticism on during their earliest day in Britain too.

A self-generation era has begun, sadly though not for home renters who’ll be left behind to power their own homes and charge they’re future EV vehicles using costly traditional sources.

Smugly, the solar-heated water feels lovely, my new friend concluded.

Not one mention of Brexit either 🙂

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2019-04-20
Founder of Power My Home.