Switched on with PV solar-power

How much longer are you going to continue to splash the cash on ‘stupid’ energy bills?

A lifetime of disappointment or forward thinking with PV solar panels.

How much longer?

The Bible’s Editor-In-Chief Roman Emperor Constantine created our Sun-day.

He was a Sun worshipper too.

The Father, Our Sun and the Holy Spirit (life energy).

Today, we’re living in a burn brightly, but short-lived civilisation as our Earth Mother withers.

I draw similar parallels with ‘The Switching Energy Supplier’ game as our national economy shrivels.

Our country is driven to despair with rising energy costs at the expense of national well-being.

We’re taught that redemption only comes from the Church of uSwitch.


Different energy tariffs are designed to rip customers off!

I say, “switching energy suppliers” is like asking mobsters Franky Three knuckles, Ice Pick Willie and One-Armed Robbie for a cheaper deal on they’re “protection” services. They may humour you, but the outcome will always be the same.

‘Switched on people’ recognise the futility of ‘switching’.

Converting to PV and EV technologies is the only answer.

Ultimately, ‘The Switching Game’ is temporary relief at best. PV solar panels (photovoltaic) are now the cheapest form of power and the only way to deal with year-on-year price hikes that come with the energy cartels.

The long-term outlook for fossil fuel loyalty is foolish and only a thunderbolt of inspiration to adopt a more PV-powered lifestyle can ultimately save your wallet from damnation.

At the end of April, 85% of German electricity came from renewable sources. The Establishment doesn’t want you to know that!

Again, drawing parallels with the Vatican Vaults.

Harnessing The Sun’s inexhaustible power has become a Germanic obsession. Only applying this thinking to your life, can you benefit from what previous civilisations knew to be common sense.

Sun-day is the best day and the only way to recharge the soul.

Ultimately, PV solar panels are the only way to produce cheap power on a personal, localised and national-scale. Germany today gives away free electricity to its neighbouring countries.

No wonder our own feudalistic masters have tried so hard to stamp out solar technologies in this country!

Today, people have the option to store with battery storage, charge your car or sell excess electricity to the grid. A first in human history.

It’s this kind of thinking that will save humanity from the hell that burning every reachable hydrocarbon will bring.

We lost our way. The answer to the problem of ‘perpetually rising energy costs’ was always just above our heads.

Putting your faith in YouSwitch is worshipping false idols.

Choose a PV-powered home and car – embrace the true power of The Sun as a final solution.

Ultimately, our future relationship with Mother Earth is critically dependant on rediscovering our roots as Sun worshippers.

Just because you’ve always done it one way, doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stupid to continue down a road where you know the outcome is more of the same.

Biodiversity is collapsing, western civilisation is dying and people aimlessly shuffle between suppliers like penned in cattle.

PV and EV’s may well be western civilisations last stand against the brutal forces of inevitability.

So, how much longer within your life are you going to continue to splash the cash on energy bills?

Seeing the light – literally and metaphysically

The resources of the natural world during the Roman era must have seemed endless.

Today, the natural world is dying around us, and modern civilisation isn’t far behind.

Although the upfront costs of PV solar panels are still out of reach for the average person, the costs will be offset with three or four decades of generation output (protecting most of us right into our old age).

PV and EV-powered people sit back, relax and watch the shitshow that the British Energy Industry has now become.

Additionally, PV with battery storage gives the awesome power of the sun to use when you need it most – the evenings.

Subsidy-free projects are just getting started and still, today considered “cost-effective” and viewed as “a no-brainer” when looking down the road in terms of decades.

For many, this constitutes a lifetime of redemption from political stupidity.

People converting to PV solar panels will inevitably sweep across like Britain like Catholicism in the dark ages once the promises of a fracking boom are broken and those all-important price drops never materialise.

They made the same bullshit promises about nuclear power in the 1950s – goddamn it.

If our civilisation is to last longer than a mere 1000 years, (150 years if you refer to the oil age) then worshipping The Sun again through PV solar panel technology is the only way forward.

Forces of darkness await in anticipation or our choices today.

No faith required to believe in PV’s potential to illuminate the darkness and rid the modern life of the whole process of switching energy providers – yet again.

Constantine made a bold statement with his new Sun-day to distinguish the source of Our Father Sun, Our Earth Mother and the spark of life identified by some as the Holy Spirit.

Our knowledge of the Cosmos has expanded way beyond the Atom, but in simple terms:

“All matter in the universe is simply ‘frozen’ sunshine.”

The Sun (our Father) giveth life and can taketh life away!

No diety’s or high energy costs required.


(The divinity of the sun).

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2018-06-16
Founder of Power My Home.