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On-grid solar installations in the UK.

Why is the best the best? Why, if the grid goes down, most UK solar adopters will discover their battery systems won't work. £49.99.

Off-grid solar panels in the UK.

Self-install PV kits offer parallel power:

Garden office 800W kit: £2099.00.

Family size 2400W kit: £4399.00.

PV solar storage in the UK.

EV 'fast charging' shortens battery life. Go slow and charge for free: £410.00.

Water tanks powered by photovoltaics: £460.00.

Best solar thermal.

Evacuated tubes are the best choice for the British climate:

150-250L 20 Evacuated tubes kit: £1599.00.

200-350L 30 Evacuated tubes kit: £1899.00.

Family Smart Meter Protector.

We played fast and loose with EMFs. EMF/WIFI shielding: £49.99.

Upgrade solar inverter for battery storage.

Problem with an older system? Solving issues is easy: £49.99.

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