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"I created Heat My Home in 2004 because the early solar heating industry was a wild west environment. Determined to help pioneering solar adopters, I showcased better technology while promoting more reputable installers. In 2010, I was commended for my efforts by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, and delighted to report that I inspired 35,131 new installations at a time before solar panels became popular. Today, Power My Home is my consultancy for new domestic adopters."

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Since its inception, the feed-in tariff scheme has seen over 750,000 homes install PV solar panels, but in another extraordinary twist to the story; contracts are now being purchased like Pokemon trading cards. UPDATE: The MCS accreditation body wants solar owners to report companies that trade in such contracts. Beneficial or not? One proud solar

Twelve years of shouting from the rooftops about solar panels have seen tears of joy, sadness and quite frankly, I have put my life on the line in this good fight. Why? Because a solar-powered civilisation is not only achievable; it’s necessary! Today, we have secretive, global-wide geoengineering occurring because of forty years of deception

“When I go to Downing Street, they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice! And there’s the crux! For those that don’t remember a time before the internet, then you will never understand the hold that ‘the newspapers’ had over normal people. How they think, how they buy, and

Nobody can tell you who’ll be Prime Minister in thirty years’ time, but what is certain; is that solar panels, will still be contributing to your family’s future – Ma’am. With this kind of longevity, they can help your family ride out any political upheavals. People are arguing that there is not much sun in

One of the joys of owning PV solar panels (photovoltaic), is that you can sit comfortably in the knowledge that your family is protected despite an energy industry that has no outlook farther than next year’s profits. So you’re sitting comfortably with your newly installed photovoltaic array, then an unknown company comes along and offers

As engineers warn of an energy crisis; as all-important power station decommissioning dates is kicked further down the road and foreign policies that look more like the opening scenes of an apocalyptic movie. Relying on the establishment to heat and power our lives is increasingly beginning to look foolish! Photovoltaic solar panels have pioneered the

We’ve always known the age of the oil-based economy was limited, but EV’s (electric vehicles) and PV solar’s (photovoltaic) time has finally arrived. Austerity has brought the age of the ‘smarter’ consumer and with it comes the gradual progression toward less dependence on tyrants. Oil-based companies and countries have lied, force their agenda’s on governments,

Monocrystalline PV solar panels (photovoltaic) will still be generating once the long-abandoned fracking fields and the associated toxicity has leaked into our seas when our children are our age now. Solar panels in the UK are fantastic at what they do, and just like the organic food industry; have many corporate enemies who don’t want

A home is a box that contains our lives. Some boxes are bigger than others and some have solar panels. Imagine your box more independent from the geopolitical madness. The most important factor with suitability for solar panels is orientation. Optimum performance of a photovoltaic system requires a South/South East or South West orientated roof

I developed Power My Home as a resource for the earliest solar adopters. We helped solar pioneers avoid the pitfalls. Solar panels have been the next ‘big thing’ for many years. The largest lesson learned in the earliest days is if you’re told: “Our solar panels are the best in the world”, back away slowly

Installing photovoltaic solar panels is important today, as safe drinking water was in earlier history. In the 1920s, all drinking water began to be disinfected with chlorine. This single act of sanitation brought the rising populations that gave us the modern world. A defining moment in time. Early cars, water-chlorination, and PV solar panels were

Solar heating panels were the most popular technology until the generation tariff. This export tariff brought PV solar panels to the forefront. The PV industry has grown to surpass its solar heating sibling. How the world changes in such a short period. This was brought on by the North Sea oil fields peaking and the

A good friend of mine phoned me about a doorstep canvasser selling solar panels. I got a complete breakdown of the conversation, and it upset me! Government handling of the incentives for solar panels allowed the shameless to take advantage. Cold calling teams urging folks into getting solar panels installed! The price on offer was

The UK government’s efforts to kill off the PV (photovoltaic) solar industry were unsuccessful. Deliberate cuts to support PV solar adoption were to take away power from the people. Literally, handing it back to lobbying big energy firms! We’re finding that there were never any long-term strategies. Those cheap toasters from China came with a

The oil industry will be nothing more than a niche lubrication industry. Baby steps towards this worldview have already begun. Wrestling that power from a belligerent toddler is necessary, but a painful procedure. That pain will be felt at the petrol station and in household energy expenditure! PV solar panels and civilisation was last modified:

I’m regularly asked whether solar panels are worth it? I simply reply that nearly 1 million homes in the United Kingdom have them. Many homeowners install solar panels to invest long-term. Solar pioneering people are taking matters into their own hands. I’d declare solar panels as a symbol of cool as politicians blunder through the

Strange sounds, atmospheric compression waves, and magnetic anomalies around the world. We may witness a magnetic pole flip! It’s no secret that the Earth’s magnetic poles flip from North to South and back again every 786,000 years. Governments around the world are concerned that our planet is showing signs of flipping! What’s the most alarming

Get them while they’re hot. Indeed, it’s been an odd week for the PV industry. I’ve cautioned that incentives for solar panels are a window of opportunity! Those smart enough to take advantage of the feed-in tariff will be rewarded financially. The uptake of photovoltaic solar panels has been steadily increasing year on year. However,

I’m going to lambast a useless Prime Minister. Solar panel incentives are under threat from David Cameron. His “Greenest Government Ever” was an empty election pledge! Under the influence of foreign-owned energy lobbyists, Mr. Cameron changed his rhetoric to “getting rid of all this green crap”! The problem is our economic war with Russia continues.

Export tariffs are tied to buying PV solar panels today. PV adopters today get a rate of return for selling their surplus power. The power surplus not required by battery storage. Benefit from a generation export tariff that all traditional energy suppliers offer. From its original conception in 2009, the feed-in tariff scheme spawned a

North Korea today stopped all incoming flights to protect itself from Ebola. Western governments have not yet banned incoming flights from those affected parts of Africa. When the inevitable occurs, our society will change forever! One thing is for sure, you certainly won’t get the truth from watching controlled media. Preparedness has always been the

People are beginning to take action to remedy expensive, but necessary energy costs with photovoltaic solar panels. Year-on-year, PV solar capacity has been steadily growing and currently stands in the UK at 5.5GW. In comparison, Germany has reportedly reached 25% of its overall power generation and still growing by adopting solar panels. Grid-parity (where the

This degradation issue of photovoltaic should be a minor consideration. Degradation rates of solar panels are so small that they should be of little consideration. The cost of your solar installation is more worthy of your investigative powers. Investigating the panel degradation issue, it’s important to know exactly what the terms “degradation” and/or “Performance Warranties”

I’m inspired by a similar pioneering spirit in the solar panel industry. Like the early internet, people began to venture into a world of exciting unknowns. Pioneers learn quickly and manage to avoid the pitfalls of such a new landscape. In the fledgling days, bad salesmanship and disproportionate pricing were a problem! Today, good MCS-accredited

I’ve always strived to do the best job, so it annoys me when others do! Enthusiasm for PV solar has never been lacking within our industry either. Unfortunately, pride in your work doesn’t come naturally to all people! Thankfully, in the solar panel industry today, the quality is not something you need to worry about.

Some people still have an old worldview of solar panels. Then, they discover the progress made with modern photovoltaic technology. Today I will put solar panel technology on trial. In fact, modern solar panels are amazing, as I’ll prove beyond a reasonable doubt. One of the most significant injustices that the PV solar industry endured,

The benefits of installing solar panels exceed the reasons to not. This statement came from a contributing professional within our forum. The question: “are solar panels worth it” is settled. This common question gets asked less frequently with every passing year. Today’s Generation Tariff scheme with reducing the ability to decline a solar panel installation

In a verbal exchange, the wisdom of adopting solar panels was brought into question! Using my diplomatic skills, I summarised that both sides were correct. The question should have been: “Will installing solar panels on a home, be worth it?” Affordability is subjective of course, but installing a PV system shouldn’t be undertaken if it

Power My Home promotes the use of PV solar panels using enthusiasm. The benefits of photovoltaic solar panels are well-documented. Tiny bills, export generation revenue, nighttime power using a battery storage device are primary. EV-charging and possibly hot water tank heating is possible. A sense of pride is a well-known aspect talked about by adopters.

The pros and cons of installing free PV solar panels on your property. The evidence is that they were too good to be true. If you’ve got free solar panels, then you need to be aware of the feedback. The news that Natwest, Nationwide, and the Yorkshire Banks aren’t dispensing mortgages on homes with free

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"I've witnessed many fantastic changes, innovations, and installation companies come and go. My fellowship with ethically-minded MCS solar panel installers goes back decades. Today, I offer my experience to ensure you gain real independence from this crazy world."

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