PV solar panel installations in the Uniterd Kingdom.

Solar Stu talks solar panels.

Stuart Lovatt talks solar panels

Power My Home is a culmination of decades of my experience in the UK's solar industry. Today, I help people navigate a more mature but oversaturated marketplace. I help new adopters get a better deal, and older adopters pursue ancillary products.

Heat My Home Solar Panels.

My journey down this road was exploratory at first, as yours is today. Back then, I created Heat My Home because the solar heating industry was a wild west of terrible technology and installers during this period. Determined to help those earliest solar adopters, I showcased the best technologies while directing people to more reputable installers during those embryonic days.

I'm proud to have supported the BRE regulation rollout that made Britain a world leader in installation standards and sales etiquette. I'm happy to report that I inspired 35,131 new PV solar panel installations in more recent times.

Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

I was commended for my work in 2010 by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. The RECC's perseverance created this world-leading industry we see today.

I'm fully charged and here to help.


The Smart Export Guarantee ensures traditional energy suppliers offer competing rates to small-scale domestic PV solar generators. A moment in history that’s equal to the Magna Carta. Since 1066, our nation’s medieval wood stocks, then coal and later electricity resources became tightly controlled. Today, for the first time since William the Conqueror, the general population […]

I’ve been passionate about PV solar panels for half my adult life now. I’ve seen PV prices drop down to more attainable levels over that time. From day one, I knew PV solar panels represented freedom to their adopters. The satisfaction I get from releasing households back into the wild with decades of cheap energy […]

Unbelievably, nobody is talking about the energy implications of Brexit! We’re declaring a trade war with those with energy tentacles wholly entwined within our country. Interestingly, pension funds are intrinsically linked to the energy sector. Something the Brexit-media failed to tell their readership! We may all end up being “in this together” after all – […]

Great news! The government has finally decided to support the UK’s PV-solar industry. Shamed by protesting school children! The new Smart Export Guarantee means energy suppliers will purchase surplus PV-power from 1st January 2020. PV solar panels generate freedom was last modified: August 28th, 2022 by Stuart Lovatt

I met another PV solar enthusiast, and it felt like we should’ve had a special handshake. Today, PV ownership is like being in a private members club. During our conversation, I had an epiphany. I forecast yet another divide opening to fracture our country. A homeowner and home renter divide will grow as the consequences […]

I’ve been crowing about the virtues of solar panels for fifteen years now. Today, we reached a moment I knew would always come. Subsidies are no longer required for PV solar panels (photovoltaic) to be financially viable. A landmark moment for humanity. Energy consumers can now ‘go their own way’. Astute homeowners are leaving behind […]

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