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How much do PV solar panels cost?

Many times cheaper than they used to be. However, what’s the cost of not installing solar panels projecting forward?

Life’s made easy by asking the right questions and not necessarily the obvious ones. There is currently a quiet renewables revolution going on with PV (photovoltaic), EV’s (electric vehicles), and wind power at the cutting edge within the UK today.

Commonly, for domestic use, the average cost of a larger-sized PV solar panel system has reduced by ten thousand pounds over the last decade. Hence, the alignment of government incentives over the same period.

Let’s break down the installation cost here or get a tailored quotation yourself here:

The costs associated with the installation itself can’t reduce to any degree due to skills required when working with electrics and heights. However, the cost of the PV panels has fallen. Partly, as a result of increased demand and progressive product development worldwide. However, governmental policies within some G7 nations are now trying to reverse that progress and growth in favour of keeping its citizens tied to their centralised system.

The cost of allowing the populace to generate their power on a wider scale is just too much for those who’ve got an investment in keeping the status quo – I digress.

The current breakdown of cost between installation and solar panel kit can roughly divide at 60/50, including any scaffolding costs associated with accessing your roof. Additional PV plugins excluded. The solar installers whose accreditation involves a mountain of paperwork to get that all-important MCS accreditation (literally the best of the best within the electrical industry) are worth the peace of mind that comes with their costs.

The standard-less solar industry that I first discovered 14 years ago is delightfully gone, and a more grown-up and regulation-oriented sector now exists today. The price of a solar panel installation aligns with the world’s strictest manufacturing standards courtesy of BRE regulations.

Hidden within the pricing structure of any installation are the meticulous methodology and guiding hand of the RECC whose thankless work has allowed PV-pioneers to work alongside ethically-minded installers to achieve a sun-powered future. Ultimately, the cost of solar panels in the UK today comes with hidden protections that are usually not specified at the quotation stage.

I’ve witnessed the transformation of an entire industry over the last fourteen years and today believe the price of installation is where I always hoped it would be for consumers with world-leading standards too.

The thirty-plus years of service that comes with a PV solar system today is the ultimate selling point. How many thirty-year-old technologies today still benefit their owners on a daily basis? PV solar technology is humanity’s greatest gift going forward – Elon Musk.


Capitalism prevented from doing its thing.

Just so we’re clear, any ‘central banking system’ is a Communist system. Any country not currently under this Communist control gets targeted for assimilation. It was never about oil. Oil was always a secondary benefit.

Now we fully understand that the Capitalist system is a mere illusion with the livestock fighting it out for the ‘intentionally’ limited resources – then we can begin.

Nuclear power delivered 805TWh of electricity last year after 60 years of effort and trillions in subsidies worldwide.

Wind and solar power have delivered 331TWh after only 13 years and just billions in subsidies worldwide.

Which can cut carbon emissions faster?

You do the sums it’s basic math. Now, either our Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategies don’t have a calculator or unseen hands are guiding our national policies and the costs of your expensive households energy bills.

Now let’s apply this logic to your domestic energy consumption:

Your annual electric bill x 30 years.

+3% (average inflation) equals your future energy costs.

Compare this figure to the cost of installing PV solar panels.

The above equation doesn’t take into account any future energy price rises or future benefits from adopting an EV (electric vehicle) – I digress.

Your household will be financially lean, green, and extremely clean for the next three decades.

Suddenly, you have a surplus from your household budget that we can proudly call the “PV-pound”. Not to be confused with the Grey-pound or Pink-pound.

Now upscale this strategy on a national basis, and suddenly you have a lean, green, and buzzing economy as government and citizens no longer need to plow billions into subsidising 19th-century energy sources.

It could be known as the Smart-Grid – light bulb moment.

Unfortunately, western governments (except for Germany) have done their level best to prevent solar panel deployment and invested interests are trying desperately to put that vision back in the box.

Smart people know a good thing when they see it through, and real progress waits for no politician, but don’t take anything for granted.

The beginning of the 20th-century began with the horse alongside cart and ended with EV’s (electric vehicles) and The Internet. The beginning of the 21st-century started with a ‘free’ Internet and will conclude with a PV-powered Chinese-style censored Internet. From Capitalism to Communism in only one hundred years, beginning with the adoption of a central banking system – I digress.

The price of nuclear power has still not finished raising your energy bills yet, the construction of the Hinkley Point C plant in Somerset will prove.

Hinkley’s price tag of £37bn would buy a hell of a lot of renewable energy, build lots of pumped hydro storage and still have change left over for householders to be paid to put PV solar panels on their roofs too. Ultimately, that cost will get recouped from us all, Chinese investors need to be satisfied, and that’s going to dramatically push up the cost of powering your home even further in the long-term.

What’s the correlation between the wholesale price and any price agreed in a long-term power purchasing agreement when Hinkley and those pesky Frackers eventually come online?

“Too cheap to meter and cheaper for the consumer” were the promises made in the 1950s nuclear age, and I hear that same rhetoric today. Hindsight is a beautiful tool.

We’ve passed the limits to exponential growth on a finite planet. Digital money can proliferate (whether shared equally or not) but planet Earth is not capable of endless growth and consumption. Billionaires and their backers understand this – that seems to be their motive for grabbing everything while it’s still available.

PV-power alongside other alternative technologies can give us a stay of execution until the 22nd-century. But, this can only give us traction if Capitalism is allowed to do its thing – irony. Real capitalism needs to be unleashed throughout our energy networks, without the ‘centralised model’ being protected at all costs.

The 1972 Limits to Growth study predicted what is going on today, but has almost entirely been forgotten. So, how much do solar panels cost? This question is the wrong question. Am I going to continue to absorb energy price rises year after year? This question is the right question.

Get a tailored quote and find out precisely the actual price of freedom.

Freedom always has to be fought for.

Energy freedom it seems is no different.

That’s the cost of solar panels.


A better way.

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