Strength through solar panels

The disdain for weakness is inbuilt into DNA itself.

Resistance builds muscle while only solar panels set you free.

Do social engineers hold dependant consumers in contempt?

Dependency breeds weakness personally, societally and geopolitically.

Therefore, since your electricity, water, transport, education, communications are supplied by those you’re not allowed to criticise, then a personal and national rethink is overdue.

The Chinese dragon has done its best to weaken our society, ensure dependence and technological servitude. Time for personal and national liberty by adopting energy independence.

Well-informed, properly-educated people who are capable of critical thinking can see through today’s media manipulation that’s so ingrained it would make Goebbels blush.

Solar panels are symbolic of freedom from centralised-control and why they have been persecuted by successive administrations.

Shell Energy threw their dummy out of its pram when the Smart Export Guarantee was announced in January. This scheme potentially locked-out traditional energy from the newly forming domestic EV-charging market.

Shell’s original 0.0001p kWh offering was comedy-gold within our industry. More down-to-earth offerings are available here.

This new PV export tariff scheme arose Great Britain back off its bent knee, straightened its spine and took back power from the globalist-control agenda.

An act equally as monumental as the Magna Carta itself incase you missed it. National defiance that unsurprisingly went unreported by Chinese influenced mainstream media.

So, what do modern solar panels bring to your round table?

An average family that is out during the day and uses the most energy in the evenings will have different needs compared to someone who users their home as an office.

New battery storage devices can help in both circumstances.

Either way, the PV export tariff, PV-heat converters and electric vehicle charging points bring the power of sunshine to your post-COVID shenanigans.

Philosophically, I’d go as far as to say solar panels have a lot in common with Donald Trump. Equally misrepresented and fighting for liberty and freedom.

Both promote ‘independence’ and give people ‘freedom’ of choice in their lives.

Both are a thorn in the side of global communism and have people trained to hate them because it goes against a world-dominance agenda.

Sadly, many people today are finding out that they’re designated ‘non-essential’ in a society that now has to trim the fat to survive.

There’s nothing more essential than powering our lives, and so homeowners privileged to enjoy the longer-term advantages of solar technologies are in an exceptional position looking forwards.

To answer the question, Yes, China hold us all in contempt, and so the best show of strength is declaring personal and national autonomy.

Get off your knee’s, stop begging animated Meerkats for a pay rise and ‘go your own’ way with today’s modern PV solar panels.

Photovoltaics are ready to serve you for the next three decades. What’ll happen during that time is anyone’s guess, but the certainty that solar technology will have your back is guaranteed.

If tensions between East and West breakdown further, then today may be the optimum moment to invest in this.

This time is pivotal in the direction we walk. Some will get there quicker and cheaper with a solar-powered electric vehicle.

Listen to your gut, walk tall without fear of walking alone and only then will she respect you enough not to weaponise the divorce courts.

Women crave risk-takers, pioneers striding forward with confidence and who don’t ask permission. Marriage guidance is unnecessary in homes with solar panels.

Welcome to the solar century.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2020-07-08
Founder of Power My Home.