PV solar panels are a hot topic

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false. – William Casey, CIA Director 1982.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV solar panels time comes.

There’s nothing more powerful than when a PV solar panels time comes.

The resistance to changing our centralised energy model is hardening. The manipulation using news corporations intrinsically controlled by oil money is ongoing.

However, the influence of mainstream news is waning, and the rise of alternative media is where that cutting-edge of change is occurring.

My own life for better or worse has attempted to lead others towards a self-reliant future that removes dependency and reliance on an energy system that cares little for the consequences of its destructive ways.

This labor of love has been bolstered by the advent of new additional technologies such as PV to battery storage, PV to heat converters and even the adoption of EV technologies worldwide, but unfortunately, this has increased the anti-green rhetoric of the aforementioned corporate press.

This grand chess game has led to friction between new and old-world factions and led to Britain’s current political system aligning to anti-alternative technology propaganda while pushing for fracking and nuclear to preserve the centralised energy model at all costs.

Historically, we as a country have been a forward-thinking and cutting-edge country where technology is concerned.

Deception and false claims against alternative energy technologies in recent years by those who have an interest in ‘the centralised model’ are holding us back as a nation. Today, nearly a million UK homeowners now know the real benefits of solar panels that will still be in service; far longer than any current political energy policy today.

The friction between ‘old-world’ and ‘new-world’ factions is heating up, but there’s nothing more powerful than when a technologies time has come.

Think differently – Thanks, Apple Corp.

They can’t stop technological progress; no matter how hard they try!

Desperation for a few to hold on to family-based oil wealth is at the heart of the world’s political upheavals today, and so this new global PV and EV technology rollout threatens their controlling paradigm.

Nikola Tesla’s original experiments were suppressed (and still is) for a hundred years because free power was just not an option for the few that financially benefited from a centralised energy structure at that time.

Today, Tesla has thankfully been recognised through Elon Musk’s company with his forward-thinking EV and PV (photovoltaic) ventures to bring an end to this now ‘outdated finally’ one hundred and fifty-year-old energy model.

The future is here today with EV (electric vehicle) and PV (photovoltaic) solar panels. Current oil prices caused by Obama’s provocative proxy war with Russia isn’t going to last forever!

The world’s car manufacturers are embracing electric car technologies like a toddler with a teddy, so the cogs of capitalism have finally begun to turn towards the greener end of the spectrum. It’s only a small step towards wishing that your new EV car is charged with PV, rather than adding to your exponentially rising energy bills.

Uptake of alternative technologies worldwide is growing exponentially year-on-year. Especially in countries that aren’t controlled by the six corporations that control 90% of the news outlets. Coincidence? Not at all!

The veil is lifted on the ‘manipulation of the masses’ through traditional media, who have already spent billions trying to convince people that green energy was terrible and global warming isn’t happening!

Generations of control coming to an end

Today’s propaganda machine has its origins with Emperor Constantine, who first edited The Bible to persuade ‘the people’ that the nativity story of the three kings brought the baby Jesus ‘Gold’.

It wasn’t Gold; it was ‘Turmeric’ spice.

Even today, we naively teach our children an incorrect version of the nativity. The three Magi from the East brought valuable spices. This simple untruth has spread generation-ally by an early Catholic Church in a financially struggling Roman empire – sound familiar!

Bringing gifts of gold served the newly formed Vatican well and was sold as a way to buy forgiveness for sins. Only when we can recognise mass-manipulation for what it is, can humanity finally begin to move away from our financial servitude?

1,500 years later, black gold is the new controlling mechanism. Preaching to the masses come via only six major news corporations, trickling down the same regurgitated viewpoints.

I will teach my son that the Kings from the East brought Turmeric, a spice well-known for its health-giving properties and life-longevity. Now that’s a gift worth giving.

The dominance of those who wish to keep us suckling from their oil-stained teets is crumbling because of ‘the internet’ and a growing awareness of political stupidity. We can all contribute to the further erosion of the centralised model by purchasing an EV car for your next vehicle and installing solar panels in 2016.

Today, we’re finally witnessing the dilution of a toxic power structure that has been in force since the birth of Rome. They didn’t anticipate this newly found freedom that comes in our new digital age. Technologies are coming together at the right time to help dilute dependence on a repressive system finally.

Imagine how much more money would be sloshing around the economy if people could vastly reduce the costs of heating and powering their lives. The grass is greener individually, nationally and globally when we adopt green energy together.

Alternative technologies will prove to be, yet another stepping stone towards loosening the restraints that have us tethered ‘like a donkey’ to a system that has been two thousand years in the making.

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.

Vorsprung Durch Technik – Thanks, Audi.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-11-16
Founder of Power My Home.