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I don’t buy electric vehicles anymore

A common question is, “Will my solar panels still give me power under blackout conditions?” Not without a battery storage device, and not all storage devices can offer a standalone backup service, is my general response.

A PV solar system doesn’t know if workmen are working at the end of the road, so they’re designed to prevent output under blackout conditions. Some battery storage devices can create a closed loop in the home, thus converting to an off-grid system on demand, but not all.

So yes, external influence could shut down a solar panel system if necessary. And this topic brings us to an awkward chat about Electric Vehicles.

Dig a little deeper and this technology serves a greater shadow agenda.

Czech President Miloš Zeman has blamed “green madness” for today’s energy crisis and warned that the abolition of traditional cars with internal combustion engines will only prolong the agony.

Net-Zero and EVs are a slow motion car crash for humanity!

Discussing the environmental issue of disposing of 300,000,000 battery storage devices is only the beginning of this conversation because Cobalt and Rare Earth Metals are limited. Ordinary folk won’t be allowed to drive in this digital-QR age being constructed around us.

Even on a practical level, the in-car heater in northern latitudes reduces battery life significantly. Can you imagine paying for a vehicle, and the manufacturer tells you not to use the heater in the Winter? This Winter has demonstrated, that being stuck in traffic/snow/ice, while desperate for a charge in quickly plunging temperatures is a problem, and they’re certainly not suitable for Scandinavia, Canada, and similar climatic countries in the northern hemisphere.

As a point of interest, EV batteries lose around the 25-40% range during the colder months. I suspect Elon’s jump over to a Social Media Giant may be related to this global awakening.

The popularity and push for electric vehicles (EVs) has another chink in the grand rollout plan, and I believe it to be the real reason why electricity prices are high today. Let’s think about this logically. Where are energy providers going to get the extra electricity needed to charge millions of batteries? A significant demand that wasn’t around only a single decade ago.

China invested in Hinkley Point C in 2010 because they were gearing up for the EV revolution production lines and wanted a piece of the cake for the charging revenue – revolution!

Increasingly, Electrons are being stored and used for transport instead of heating homes. Sacrifices must be made to encourage adoption rates! They knew this tipping point would arrive decades ago, and so the Smart Meter rollout ran in parallel to force the necessary sacrifice required.

This national deployment of Electron guzzling vehicles means increasing National Grid capacity or decreasing existing demand. The Smart Meter does the latter! As no increase in generation capacity has come online to replace the decommissioned plants of the last sixty years, they must decrease the demand using scare tactics and policies. The poorest families are the first to be targeted for the ‘necessary’ sacrifice, but they’ll come for the rest of us eventually too.

It’s not coincidental that the push for electric vehicles runs alongside the largest increase in the cost of electricity in history. Simply, they’re getting less affluent families to use less power in the guise of cost increases, to divert power toward this additional car charging demand. This policy is essential when you understand the larger agenda at play.

The clue is in the name “Net-Zero.” Not everyone was supposed to get an electric-powered car within this agenda!

Electric vehicles are missold as “green and environmental” when they’re nothing of the sort. Charging the car rarely comes from solar panels, but from energy companies with deceitful carbon credit offsetting.

An EV is an expensive-to-charge computer on wheels. As we’ve learned from Silicone Valley Software distributors, the software is installed and specifically designed to enforce World Economic Boredom policy.

It’s obvious to anyone who understands recent events by acknowledging nefarious actors wish us to fall in line with the Chinese Societal Contract. A contract that wipes away a thousand years of hard-won rights for the human herd. We are witnessing purposeful destruction. It’s a bitter pill to swallow like our modern technology is not our friend.

After Canadians had financial accounts restricted for supporting freedom of choice, I’m no longer excited about driving a vehicle that can be remotely controlled by a Nations United policy push! It all seems crazy until you realise Oxford Council is only the first.

The symbolism and allegiances of our Public Servants are the key to understanding the global world, energy policies, and rights to roam as sovereign beings. These Net-Zero global policies seemed rushed through, especially as they’d given themselves until 2040/50 to whittle away liberties (without the young realising what magic is being lost).

The freedom to drive/walk/talk is only a software update away. I don’t trust modern technology anymore!

I suspect, I’m not in a minority, but a majority of people realising the road ahead. Others see what I see too, and this gives me great hope for future generations, especially as they’re finally releasing the Fusion Reactor Technology that’s been hidden since the 1970s around the world.

Combustion vehicles potentially have a working lifespan of forty plus years and an entire industry centered around that. I now understand that EVs are a temporary fix towards the World Economic Boredom’s goal of removing car ownership and the right to roam. Interestingly, Electric Vehicles are old technology dressed in modern clothing. Nikola Tesla’s 1921 Pierce-Arrow electric car, was powered by pure etheric electricity. It is a self-charging car; it does not run on batteries, oil, or gas and may finally see daylight.

In 2004, I coined the phrase: “The fight for civilisation is won; the challenge of keeping it has just begun!” In late 2022, I would like to revise this statement to: “The fight for civilisation is won; the challenge to keep Human Beings FREE RANGE has begun!

Feeling powerless is the enemy of progress. Everybody has the power to remove patronage from businesses and corporations that support a restrictive road toward Chinese-style social architecture.

How do you erect an electric fence without the cattle realising? You incorporate limited range. Twenty-two years into a new century, our love of technology is used against us!

A better way.

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