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26/01/2024 13:11

Well, it is now confirmed, smart meters are not smart.
Octopus energy have admitted the smart meters are dumb. In fact the technology is not fool proof.
One investigation reported, some households are being billed for energy used by properties hundreds of miles away, resulting in huge bills.
And yet, the government is aiming to install smart meters in most homes!
Octopus agree customers are struggling with meters. And still they say “we are a massive fan of smart meters………

12/12/2023 05:55
Reply to  Ray

I’m now suspecting this fire issue is why Elon bought Twitter.
He knows high-capacity batteries are unstable-by-nature, the expense of replacing them after a relatively short lifespan, and the coming pushback from WEF-controlled policies.

09/12/2023 10:29

Well that’s a good start.
On reflection, I don’t think it will start now……

Nice to see the EVs are adding to the pollution nicely.
More pollution than a shed load of old diesel cars.
Still, I suppose it is progress. Problem though its backwards.

04/12/2023 10:53

Through the eyes of a child:

comment image

01/12/2023 12:41


So much for clean air……

30/11/2023 17:10

London Clean Air Zone with their t-o-x-i-c electric bus blaze. Media blacked it out.

10/11/2023 13:36

Government recommending electric vehicles will be seen in the same light as government recommending diesel cars in the 2000s.

29/10/2023 07:04
Reply to  Ray

“The best-laid schemes of mice and men.”

29/10/2023 05:15

Have electric vehicles had their time in the sun? Ford America is closing down EV manufacturing and going back to building real cars.

22/10/2023 08:01

Interesting read about the prospect of a great number of Smart Meters being turned off owing to the change in 2 & 3 G.
From the Sun…quote
“SAY WATT Energy warning for 7million homes as huge switch off will cripple smart meters – what it means for your bills”


Looks like they will want the public to fund some of the proposed updates…..Yeh right.
Dump your smart meters now.

11/10/2023 14:09

Holiday makers returned from holiday to discover their vehicles had gone up in flames after a huge blaze tore through a car park at Luton Airport. Avoid parking next to high-capacity batteries on wheels!

09/10/2023 09:48

Economically unviable:

comment image

29/09/2023 16:27

Keep all high-capacity batteries outside of the home/garage:


22/09/2023 04:41

How do you erect an electric fence (without people realising)?

Incorporate limited range.

17/09/2023 04:21

France widens its regulations requiring radiation value of cell phones, including tablets and other electronic devices to demonstrate radiation levels. Smarter Meter technology need to be included in this too. We’re the generation that played fast and loose with these technologies. Hard-wiring will soon become re-fashionable again.

14/09/2023 04:26

It quickly went from “Smarter Meters save you a bit money and don’t they look cool?” to “Your having one or else”. The thing your crazy friends have been telling you about has stepped-up a gear!

11/09/2023 20:32

Electric vehicle leasing group Onto has gone into administration. The EV ‘pyramid’ scheme is crashing.

18/08/2023 08:21

African nations are tired of The West’s control over it’s resources. France has lost access to Niger’s uranium, that’ll affect its nuclear power industry and surrounding dependent nations. Other nations may be emboldened to proliferate this rebellion further.

07/08/2023 07:37

Siemens Energy is assuming an annual loss of several billion euros due to massive problems in its wind business (repair costs). The wind energy business model is failing:


10/07/2023 04:54

Simplicity is what attracted me to solar tech:

comment image

30/06/2023 04:39

Volkswagen cites “Strong customer reluctance” for reduced EV production.

22/06/2023 13:04

Reality hits home on the EV vision: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Qw071UZMWHg

18/06/2023 17:53

A Chinese wholesaler told me they call Westerners “Tweatie Pies.” They always chant “cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.” The big takeaway, not all solar panels are the same quality.

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