In pursuit of real energy freedom

Britains’ Leaver’s and Remainer’s have a common enemy. The British Energy Industry.

Dear British Energy Industry.

Escape the battery farm with PV and EV's technologies.

Escape the battery farm with PV and EV’s technologies.

Going right back to the Norman logging barons of olde, you took control of the woodlands and prevented hard-working families at that time from gathering their Winter fuel without huge payments.

Today, a thousand years later, the British Energy Industry is still mostly foreign-owned and so reliant on Europe. This fact would be comical if it weren’t so scary as we approach the Brexit landscape.

Overall, your inability to function without massive subsidies (direct and indirect) makes you unfit for purpose and now destructive to the whole planet, not just the woodlands of olde.

Since the 1950’s you have known the consequences to the environment and spent billions to cover-up the facts.

The ‘switched on’ amongst us know the future of your energy costs will become so grim that an alternative direction for our home energy will become a necessity and not luxury.

We also know your cute and cuddly TV characters are to disguise your destructive operations.

Do we know you put ‘non-disclosure’ clauses in your contracts with landowners who you forcefully purchase land from for your fracking operations? What have you got to hide from the Great British public?

If the public knew the facts about fracking, they would bring the industry to a standstill as they did with the Fuel Protests of 2000. Sadly, the logging barons of olde also morphed into the media barons of today.

And don’t even get me started on Hinkley Point C. After Fukushima you build in a well-known tsunami zone – Crazy! Your stupidity does know no bounds.

Amongst this political buffoonery, people are beginning to see through your ‘Switch N Save’ tic tac toe trickery alongside you’re relentlessly rising energy cost demands year-on-year.

A new generation of PV solar panel (photovoltaic) and EV (electric vehicle) pioneers are emerging. Awakening to the fact that you have plucked all the low hanging fruit in energy terms and people are now willing to say enough is enough!

The time has come for an alternative direction, a direction that takes full advantage of the blinking obvious – that fireball in the sky.

And, that’s why the rest of the world is turning there back on you because your thousand years of dominance is coming to a close. Places near and far where your anti-green propaganda doesn’t reach are powering forward without you.

You use every dirty trick in the book to hold onto your cash cows – sorry customers. You view the British people as little battery hens laying your golden eggs for you and treat them as such too.

Never again shall we listen to an energy company proclaim to be on our side while you were systematically destroying the very ecology we all rely on.

Most importantly, we know your long-term vision is limited to a couple of decades at the most. So desperate are you to hold onto power, that you care little for the generations of British people to come.

Families are escaping the battery farm year-on-year in increasing numbers.

‘Energy price caps’ and ‘Winter Fuel Allowances’, reflect your failings in your responsibilities.

Subsidies continue to be issued because the Baby Boomer pension schemes depend upon them. However, the young people are back in the political arena today, and manifestoes are now rewritten accordingly.

Our view on energy independence is different from yours.

Ironically, Brexit Minister David Davis said so eloquently in 2012: “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”.

On reflection, one thousand years of appalling conduct mean, we ‘the youth’ will walk away from the plantation with our PV and EV’s to drive our future-forward.

In a PV-powered household, your influence is relegated to a minimum. Almost relegated to a weekend daddy status at best. Worldwide, families are going their way without you.

We are free-range people in pursuit of real freedom from your battery farm economics. Thirty plus years of free energy and road mileage from the sun is a positive place to start.

Stick your energy price caps where the sun doesn’t shine.

Pure necessity will bring an end to your thousand years of tyranny.

We love solar panels, but it’s clear you fear them.

Clucks we aren’t.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2017-10-26
Founder of Power My Home.