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"I created Heat My Home in 2004 because the early solar heating industry was a wild west environment. Determined to help pioneering solar adopters, I showcased better technology while promoting more reputable installers. In 2010, I was commended for my independent contributions by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, and delighted to report that I inspired 35,131 new installations at a time before solar panels became cool."

Stuart Lovatt talks solar panels.
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If earth-orbiting satellites are powered by solar panels, how do they survive micro-meteorites? These delicate photovoltaic panels should be shot-to-pieces in a very short period. The time to question everything is now. Quit the eco-branding was last modified: July 16th, 2024 by Solar Stu

As a 20-something, fixing up 80s hot hatches dominated my world. Crazy is what crazy does was last modified: May 31st, 2024 by Solar Stu

The solar installation industry has come full circle, and now eating its own tail. Wild West solar industry 2.0 was last modified: May 27th, 2024 by Solar Stu

The year is 2025, and the great deceivers who frequent The Serpent bar at the United Nations headquarters have declared a “pothole emergency” through the cell phone emergency notification system. Oven-ready measures are in place, it declares. Two weeks to fill the potholes was last modified: May 5th, 2024 by Solar Stu

In 2004, people thought I was crazy for getting involved in the solar panel industry, and for the first twelve years, they would have been correct. The earliest industry involved a small but encouraging grant incentive for a fledgling solar heating industry. The Blue Skies initiative gave me insight that this technology was worth my

A common question is, “Will my solar panels still give me power under blackout conditions?” Not without a battery storage device, and not all storage devices can offer a standalone backup service, is my general response. A PV solar system doesn’t know if workmen are working at the end of the road, so they’re designed

Why are solar panels common sense today? Adapting to external forces is what solar panels offer. Today, astute people are adapting to homeworking by installing PV. The era of cheap energy is now a long distant memory. Self-generation can no longer be pigeonholed into the green agenda. In the last few years, adoption has grown

The golden age of cheap energy has been over for two decades now! At what future point in time do you take alternatives seriously? Additionally, traditional forms of storing value and increasing value are kaput! In this crazy abnormal world, solar panels never looked so good. The cheapest combination energy tariff for UK homes has

The disdain for weakness is inbuilt into DNA itself. Do social engineers hold dependent consumers in contempt? Dependency breeds weakness personally, societally, and geopolitically. Therefore, since your electricity, water, transport, education, communications are supplied by those you’re not allowed to criticise, then a personal and national rethink is overdue. The Chinese dragon has done its

Solar panels and working at home go together like cheese and toast. Businesses will twig that they can dramatically cut expenses by shifting energy costs towards the employees and save on office space too. It’ll be this thinking that will bounce the economies back once the starting pistol gets fired. Commuter costs come down, but

Sixteen years later, I’m reflecting on my efforts to encourage solar panel adoption. PV solar panels have brought me vast amounts of joy in my life and had ups and downs like any relationship. The inside-industry nickname and aptly named Solar Coaster Ride of the last decade never dampened my enthusiasm for these technologies. Never

The Smart Export Guarantee ensures traditional energy suppliers offer competing rates to small-scale domestic PV solar generators. A moment in history that’s equal to the Magna Carta. Since 1066, our nation’s medieval wood stocks, then coal and later electricity resources became tightly controlled. Today, for the first time since William the Conqueror, the general population

I’ve been passionate about PV solar panels for half my adult life now. I’ve seen PV prices drop down to more attainable levels over that time. From day one, I knew PV solar panels represented freedom to their adopters. The satisfaction I get from releasing households back into the wild with decades of cheap energy

Unbelievably, nobody is talking about the energy implications of Brexit! We’re declaring a trade war with those with energy tentacles wholly entwined within our country. Interestingly, pension funds are intrinsically linked to the energy sector. Something the Brexit-media failed to tell their readership! We may all end up being “in this together” after all –

Great news! The government has finally decided to support the UK’s PV-solar industry. Shamed by protesting school children! The new Smart Export Guarantee means energy suppliers will purchase surplus PV-power from 1st January 2020. Some smaller energy suppliers, already offer to buy solar power from their customers, but this change in policy will mean The

I met another PV solar enthusiast, and it felt like we should’ve had a special handshake. Today, PV ownership is like being in a private members club. During our conversation, I had an epiphany. I forecast yet another divide opening to fracture our country. A homeowner and home renter divide will grow as the consequences

I’ve been crowing about the virtues of solar panels for fifteen years now. Today, we reached a moment I knew would always come. Subsidies are no longer required for PV solar panels (photovoltaic) to be financially viable. A landmark moment for humanity. Energy consumers can now ‘go their own way’. Astute homeowners are leaving behind

Once you’ve done the basics with energy efficiency, then reducing your reliance on PV (photovoltaic) and EV technologies becomes a personal pursuit for freedom. Sadly, Mass Media used its power to attack the advancement of solar technology over the last five years. Your masters would never have done that if they didn’t fear it. Once

The most successful corporations of the 21st-century are now adopting PV solar panels (photovoltaic) because of their longevity. Despite them being late to the party with British homeowners and farmers pioneering the way forward with over 1 million PV installations in the UK thus so far. Nowadays, the corporate world is adopting alternative technologies as

Many times cheaper than they used to be. However, what’s the cost of not installing solar panels projecting forward? Life’s made easy by asking the right questions and not necessarily the obvious ones. There is currently a quiet renewables revolution going on with PV (photovoltaic), EV’s (electric vehicles), and wind power at the cutting edge

British Gas is raising prices yet again! The stupidity of continuing to rely on traditional energy is becoming evident. Time to consider PV solar panels (photovoltaic) with battery storage for day and night power. Battery storage will power your future electric car charging point too when that day comes when EV technology (electric vehicles) finally

How much longer are you going to splash the cash on ‘expensive’ energy bills? The Bible’s Editor-In-Chief Roman Emperor Constantine created our Sun-day. He was a Sun worshipper too. The Father, Our Sun, and the Holy Spirit (life energy). Today, we’re living in a burn brightly, but short-lived civilisation as our Earth Mother withers. I

Today, it’s been confirmed that the feed-in tariff incentive for PV solar panels (photovoltaic) is closing to new applicants on 1st April 2019 within the United Kingdom. The writing’s been on the Tesla PowerWall. The incentive, first implemented as a get-you-started initiative has run its course. This has come about because of battery storage technologies,

The US has recently introduced tariffs on imported PV solar panels (photovoltaic). A clear sign that their administration is cashing in on the global demand for PV. It’s now imperative for you to install PV today before our politicians get similar ideas. Such an implementation here would be political stupidity; as we need all the

As Britain is about to find out post-Brexit, you only see true friendships once you’re down and out. Feel the pride that comes with encouraging greatness in its earliest years. We allowed a few to manipulate the many into believing alternative technologies were useless, when in fact they’ll be our eventual salvation. History will show

Britain’s Leaver’s and Remainer population have a common enemy. The British Energy Industry. Dear British Energy Industry. Going right back to the Norman logging barons of old, you took control of the woodlands and prevented hard-working families at that time from gathering their Winter fuel without huge payments. Today, a thousand years later, the British

The greatest gift bestowed to someone is your time. Time is fluid, often gifted and taken away at Her Majesty’s pleasure. It’s not celebrities, politicians, or rock stars that influence the future; it’s humble men like my late grandfather, Donald Lovatt (aged 96) who willingly joined the para’s age 17 to join the fight against

Money has no value without the bloodshed of men. “On the day that British Gas yet again decided to raise its electricity prices by 12.5%, it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to adopt solar panels today.” Last century, it was airline pilots that were the world’s game-changers and who made the girls go GaGa. Today,

For nearly a thousand years, the energy market has been designed to rip off the common folk. From the first Middle Ages logging Barons to Industrial Revolution coal and then today’s gas and electricity network. The system has always been rigged to make the peasant class pay a very high price to heat their homes.

What’s amazing is that we still run our civilisation on Victorian technologies. ‘Trumponomics’ is my description of the push for Victorian-era economics in a 21st-century world. Both the rise of Trump and Brexit were designed by those whose power and wealth depend upon a green energy revolution not occurring. However, the majority of automobile manufacturers

New world savvy.

"I've witnessed many fantastic changes, innovations, and installation companies come and go. My fellowship with ethically-minded MCS solar panel installers goes back decades. Today, I offer my experience to ensure you gain real independence from this crazy geopolitical world."

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