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Guide to a quality solar installation.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid the installers from hell, and help you choose a reputable company for a quality solar panel installation.

1. Please ensure that your installers certify for the MCS scheme. You cannot claim feed-in tariffs if they are not.

2. Please check your company belongs to the Renewable Energy Association (REA). The REA has codes of conduct relating to your installation and quality of products including the behaviour of salespeople.

3. Please ensure that the company surveys your home thoroughly before giving you a quote. Avoid property surveys over the phone.

4. Please don't allow any salesperson to overstay for longer than you are comfortable. The REA guidelines are a maximum of two hours.

5. Please, if you don't sign anything there and then. As a consumer, you always have a seven-day cancellation period if for any reason you are unhappy.

This guide should help you avoid any unpleasant experiences and help you make a well-informed decision, to install this cost-effective and worthwhile technology in your home.

Ask your MCS PV solar installers for details.

"Solar panel installers are heroes. They tirelessly install solar panels in all conditions. I doff my cap to these highly-skilled and hard-working individuals."

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What does MCS mean?

MCS or 'Micro Certification Scheme' accreditation is the benchmark for competent PV solar panel installers.

You will require a full on-site inspection of your home for a quotation, just because solar panels are not a one size fits all technology.

We all want the highest quality installation, so we need to ensure that unsatisfactory or poor performing companies cannot thrive and give us all a bad name! That is why the Micro-Generation Certification scheme introduced in 2009.

Installation quotes & pre-checks.

PV solar panels come in a variety of different types, sizes, configurations and styles, so ensuring your property is suitable. We discuss your options so your household or business will set the maximum benefit from solar technology. Quotes available for all solar installation types.

What we look for:

We can overcome most of these issues in 99% of cases.

No nonsense, no pressure

We dislike high-pressure salespeople, so our surveyor will leave you with possible options with quotes to help you choose in your own time.

Good quality, reasonable prices and excellent customer service are our sales tactics.

Receive a variety of installation quotes for your particular property.

How to become a solar panel installer?

The MCS accreditation is, simply put, to evaluate microgeneration products and panel installers against strict guidelines and criteria while providing greater protection for consumers looking to invest in such technologies.

To become an MCS certificated installer or to have products certificated under the MCS scheme you must contact MCS directly.

MCS solar panels installers require complete compliance with the relevant MCS standard MIS3002. The most significant of these are the guides to the installation of PV panel systems - A United Kingdom installation document that aims to:

Also, MCS is about ensuring quality control, as defined in the MCS standard MCS001 and perhaps best summed up as:

1. Say what you do (disclose written procedures for scrutiny).
2. Do what you say (follow your procedures as standard best practice).
3. Prove it (Inspections and assessments of approved MCS certification personnel).

All our MCS solar installers are RECC scheme (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) members.

MCS solar panel installers are heroes

At this time of the year, I always spare a thought for the MCS solar panel installers who endure the ravages of the winter time while scrambling about at heights on roofs and various other precarious locations.

In addition to our local solar installers database, you now can receive enquiries from interested homeowners and business owners from the Power My Home web site's 'Get Quotes' pages.

If you would like your solar business to truly benefit from the search engines without using costly Google advertising, then read on.

We are looking to create long-term partnerships with quality conscious, and service orientated local installers who will receive quality sales leads from our website.

I would like to hear from any local based MCS solar installation companies who offer a wide range of quality solar panels including solar heating and solar electricity technologies at a reasonable price structure.

If you offer your services to two, three or more counties in your geographical location, then please contact me for further information on this fantastic opportunity.

Putting customer service and satisfaction is winning formula for any business, but if you and your solar installation company already provide such a service, then contact me immediately.

Geographical areas are limited, so don't dilly dally. All applications considered.

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Beginning as a hobby or enthusiast web site, I decided to use my website design skills to promote the use of solar panels in a time when only die-hard environmentalists installed such technologies.

My enthusiasm for this technology as never waned, but in fact, has strengthened as the world has changed and the need for alternative energy technologies becomes more and more apparent these days.


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