PV solar panel gold-rush 2.0

The US has recently introduced tariffs on imported PV solar panels (photovoltaic). A clear sign that their administration is cashing-in on the global demand for PV in the guise of protectionism.

Freedom in a PV solar-powered world.

Freedom in a PV solar-powered world.

It’s now imperative for you to install PV today before our politicians get similar ideas.

Such an implementation here would be political stupidity; as we need all the friends, we can get in a post-Brexit world.

Today, in this fledgeling era of EV and PV technologies, every visit to a petrol station is a continued reminder of the futility of splashing the cash.

The rush for enlightenment and escape from the dark age has begun for the most astute in our society.

PV and EV’s will do for energy independence, similar to what VPN, FireFox and DuckDuckGo technologies have done for internet freedom in the tyranical era of The Snoopers Charter.

“Those that trade privacy for security deserve neither!” Ben Franklin.

All these technologies represent humanities last gasps of freedom from Tri-Lateral tyranny. PV & EV adopters are proud to be rebel scum – I digress.

Alternative energy suppression by the fossil fuel MAFIA comes at the expense of ‘The Earth and The People’, but are showing signs of breaking thanks to China’s ability to mass-produce solar panels. BP’s reemergence into the solar industry and Nissan joining the battery storage arena is testament to that.

Britain’s first subsidy-free PV solar farm is a solar-powered dawn breaking through the darkness. China’s cumulative PV capacity hits 130 GW, to reach 250 GW by 2020 and will wrench open a viciously protected door.

Alternative energy technologies are quickly becoming cheaper than fossil fuels, says the Renewable Energy Agency.

PV solar panels are fast becoming the smarter economic choice for switched-on people, alongside the divestment movement that continues to gain traction worldwide.

The New World Order advocates are losing control of the energy sector.

This situation is what the peak-oil slide looks like when another hundred and fifty years worth of hydrocarbons ‘ have’ to stay in the ground. The bail-out begging bowl for civilisations essentials will only increase over time if change doesn’t occur.

Fifty years of fossil fuel protectionism has led our most significant institutions including Banks, Energy Companies, Car manufacturers and countless other brands needing government begging bowls to survive.

Some £4.8bn was committed for fossil fuel subsidies since 2010 when the Conservatives came to power, and that doesn’t even count the meekly disguised Winter Fuel Allowance subsidy that also benefits the foreign-owned energy sector.

These subsidies have become a two-headed monster that devours from government and consumer coffers and is ultimately sucking the people of Britain economically dry.

The real enemies of energy independance

This energy situation has been encouraged by The Baby Boomer press barons.

These media giants have tried their best to protect investments that rely on burning, at any cost – even the planet!

The most unsustainable investment option in human history.

These media giants now have a limited lifespan as they choose a policy of screwing-over its future readership’s future. Their non-domicile owners cared little for the problems they’re greed and short-sightedness caused to this once great nation.

Unfortunately, the NHS that the boomers were relying on in their old age has been deliberately starved to feed the voracious appetite of the UK Energy subsidy-monster.

Hard-earned pensions will suffer as the 21st-century finally begins to gain momentum and politics start to change its stance on a new politically active youth.

The PV solar panel gold-rush 1.0 was fuelled by a limited ‘get the fledgeling solar industry started’ subsidy, which surprised and scared The UK Energy industry and press barons with traditional energy investment portfolios.

The PV solar panels 2.0 gold rush will lead to real independence from this political stupidity of supporting a failing centralised energy model.

Currently, PV solar panels requirement for government subsidies is coming to a close. Foreign-owned UK energy companies will need more assistance going forward – not less.

We are independent people taking back national control and personal freedoms through PV & EV technologies.

As a species, we asked China to respond to the Global Warming threat a decade ago, they responded by giving the world cheaper PV and so the 21st-century can finally begin to roll out, albeit a few years late.

Before one can build and improve for the 21st-century, one must first acknowledge the rot of the 20th-century.

I view it as PV’s progress was delayed while EV technologies came to fruition.

Finally, we’re going back to the future.

Brexiteers getting tooled-up for Brexit 2.0

PV & EV technologies are for the truly enlightened – we’ve established.

However, if Great Britain demands independence, it needs to focus on imported ‘energy’ and foreign-owned energy companies requiring the subsidies mentioned above.

Why does Brexit 1.0 and its supporters, conveniently hide this inconvenient truth?

Brexit 1.0 was merely a divide and conquer tactic to usher in changes to NHS and fracking, that wouldn’t usually be accepted without ‘a big distraction’. Fracking wells will last 5-10 years and not the hundreds of years of oil wells!

Additionally, the ‘cheap energy’ promises of fracking will be broken, and the costs of importing energy into your home will continue the same way as rail travel does today – another double-headed subsidy monster.

The beginnings of energy scarcity have now reared its ugly head. The writings on the wall without a quick transitional period.

Loosening ‘the energy shackles’ from UK energy companies that suck the life out of Britain on every level has to be tackled in Brexit 2.0.

Brexit 2.0 is 52% of the country adopting PV and EV tech, while the ‘energy’ remoaners cry about escalating energy costs.

As the traditional energy market continues to promote the ‘Switch N’ Save’ to the masses, more astute and ‘switched on people’ recognise this futility and are walking away using technology.

PV and its associated plugins are a long-term strategy for people supporting Brexit 2.0, but as always, affordability is relative.

Brexit 2.0 supporters can adopt a three-stage strategy:

  • 1. Buy EV or PV.
  • 2. Buy PV or EV.
  • 3. Add PV extras during its three decades of operational lifespan.
  • 4. Feel the pride associated with being a futurist Brexiteer.

This window of opportunity for alternative technologies to thrive worldwide in a global community can no longer be contained by dinosaur energy policies and their grumpy old newsbaron protectionists.

The out-of-touch are now so desperate to appeal to the youth vote today, they comically, attempt to take credit for the greenest year ever, despite a history of anti-solar and wind policies – bonkers!

With PV solar panels 2.0, the stepping stones of viability are now bridged by a combination of subsidy, EV’s and PV prices that have halved and a splash of futuristic foresightedness in 52% of the people.

Seriously though, the problem with living in the good times is that you don’t realise you’re experiencing them until the end. Something our entire civilisation is now coming to grips.

A special ‘thank you’ to China for stepping-up and giving the world the necessary tools to dig itself out of the climate change hole.

Brexiteers, stop re-moaning about the cost of powering your life and adopt a Churchillian approach to energy independence.

Over to you Brexiteers; real independence is just a PV installation away.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2018-01-25
Founder of Power My Home.