Media lies about solar panels

Once you’ve done the basics with energy efficiency, then reducing your reliance on PV (photovoltaic) and EV technologies becomes a personal pursuit for freedom. Sadly, Mass Media used its power to attack the advancement of solar technology over the last five years.

Your masters would never have done that if they didn’t fear it. Once the green energy cat is out of the bag; lobbyists know their profits will never be the same ever again.

This is what mind control looks like!

The more you understand, the less you forgive.

It was never about saving energy bill payers money because green energy subsidies decline over time. It was about protecting fossil fuel subsidies that grow over time. Today, the Mass Media is choking on its own disinformation as eyeballs plummet globally.

As solar panel technology begins to take its rightful place within the human story, the Mass Media and its more devious relation Social Media can sleep outside in the cold, harsh winter of distrust.

Turn news headlines 180 degrees to get to the real truth. It’s a great game, but scarily accurate once you’ve been doing it for long enough. Contemptuous and repugnant journalism has been the norm since the days of WW2 propaganda.

This is also being recognised across Europe too.

The Yellow Vest protests were not only about fuel, and neither is it just a French issue, but you’ll never hear that from the Big Six corporate-owned news outlets. One thing Brexit has done is to shine a nationwide spotlight on the lies used in the media and politics.

What Brexit and the French Yellow Vest movement have demonstrated is that national pride is actually a growing force again that corporation-led globalist control cannot extinguish.

Here are the Yellow Vest demands that your TV won’t tell you.

National pride is making a comeback across Europe and by nurturing a healthy dose of competitiveness between nations, this will eventually help green energy deployment as ‘discredited’ traditional news sources become yesterday’s news.

Now let’s talk about solar panels again. Unfortunately, the rising costs of energy seen over the last decade will look tame in comparison to what’s ahead. Price comparison search engines won’t get you out of this mess. Sadly, people have been misinformed on the whole solar panel thing by press barons with fossil fuel investments to protect.

All those anti-green technology headlines of the last decade were as factually correct as of the “climate change denial” stories of the previous sixty years. You’ll never actually see the headline “Photovoltaic panels are now the cheapest form of power.” Not because it isn’t true; because it is.

That news would deem traditional energy investments useless overnight and the billions spent on fossil fuel subsidies worthless if energy consumers made a dash for the battery farm door on masse.

Solar panel deployment within the UK is set to re-ignite as the technology continues to beat all previous cost estimates and could be as cheap as £40 per megawatt-hour by 2030.

That’s the real news denied to the masses because it goes against the globalist agenda of control through divide and conquers – even between the sexes. Fossil fuel investors have done their best to prevent our nation’s natural progression.

The climbing costs of energy are such that smaller energy suppliers are going bust today. This slow-motion train crash within the British energy sector is occurring alongside the Fracking debacle. The consequence of year-on-year price hikes is more misery for British energy consumers, but the realisation that remaining dependent on the Big Six energy suppliers is simply a mug’s game nowadays. Historically, a misinformed society is an unfree society and always doomed.

They knew about runaway climate change in the 1950s.

Mass Media had a straightforward task; to dispense the truth so that tough decisions could be made for future planning. They failed, and now their illusion-based media is generationally dead now. In fact, they did the opposite with a misrepresentation of green technology. The power to change the world; one roof at a time.

The power to change lives; one bill at a time. The green pound; a power that turned around our economy.

Historical first; government energy subsidies decline as green energy takes hold. I found freedom with my solar panels says, a local man. Headlines you’ll never see because they’re true. Overall, the Mass Media in the UK, are unworthy, untrustworthy, without a moral compass, and implicit in creating the industrial-scale crop failures that await humanity on its horizon.

What solar panels on your roof actually represent?

Pride comes as standard with being the first with solar panels on your roof. Interestingly, national pride will soon become a matter of PV adoption rates worldwide.

Once you remove the false information that the Big Six dispensed throughout the last century, you’ll discover it was merely a protectionism racquet all along. Interestingly, the UK’s early pro-green energy stance has spooked the traditional energy investors who lobby for yet more subsidies – Irony.

Additionally, Spain has just announced a 100% renewables target and 90% emissions reductions by 2050. The Climate Change and Energy Transition Law, which provides for retraining of fossil-fuel workers.

Germany’s led the way beginning in the 1990s.

The Berlin wall of protectionism is beginning to fall worldwide albeit held back and not quick enough to tackle the problems of the 21st-century. The Internet shone a light on the disinformation of Mass Media.

National pride will once again be utilised as a quick transitional tool from the problems of the 20th-century. Green energy adoption will be the arms race of the 21st-century. 27 countries have reached a minimum of 1 GW of solar PV to date. Solar panels represent a symbol of optimism.

Real investigative journalists are reemerging too.

Solar panels on your roof represent astute foresight and getting on the right side of history.

Stuart Lovatt 2018-12-15