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The sticky energy issue of true Brexit

Ironically, those newspaper barons who declared war on green energy are also the same people that encouraged Brexit. If you do not see the irony here, then you need to complete the Brexit jigsaw with the last piece.

That piece shows the majority of our energy infrastructure is foreign-owned and exporting huge profits out of Britain through our most significant and most essential industry. The same is right with railways, food, and other essential infrastructural utilities.

I voted to ‘Remain’ and can see that Brexit can never truly mean Brexit, if those you are trying to uncouple from, still grip you by your genitalia! Only British Gas, SSE with green energy companies such as Good Energy and Ecotricity can be considered Brexit proof energy suppliers. Realistically, energy imports are still a big staple of the British energy diet, so true Brexit independence can only be delivered by the nationwide adoption of self-generating alternative energy technologies.

This true British vision must include a national-scale rethink about green energy uptake as part of the full Brexit package. This concept undermines the indoctrination of those anti-green newspapers that forced politicians to ditch the path towards green energy and the economic benefits that come with it.

Lies and deceit were a big part of us leaving the EU, but the truth that frequently goes unreported is that everyone who voted to ‘Leave’ must now demonstrate their commitment by installing solar panels to reduce their use from the National Grid (another irony) or at least switching to those suppliers mentioned above.

I challenge anyone to take Brexit seriously in the full knowledge that the profits made from the power used to read this website are going to support nations that will be negotiating against us after ‘Article 50’ is triggered.

If I can personally change my outlook toward adopting Britain’s new direction, then can people now see Britain’s need to catch up to Germany’s dominance with green energy technologies in this essential and worldwide growing sector?

A green energy revolution as a cause-and-effect ‘by-product’ of Britain’s new direction can occur quickly once the desire for real freedom from foreign-owned energy companies is realised.

I challenge those newspaper barons to use their sphere of influence to rally support for true British ‘energy’ independence. However, we now know that those newspaper barons who poo-pooed green energy had ulterior motives for restraining our technological progress.

Now that’s irony!

So if Britain is to regain respect, taking back all that wasted money on unnecessarily heating and powering our homes using blood-stained fossil fuels, would be a reasonable start and allow the economy to be awash with tens of billions that would normally go up in smoke.

On top of the challenges that we now face as a nation, catching up technologically with Germany has to be the most important aspect, especially if we’re not viewed as Europe’s ‘nice, but dim’ relation.

Ironically, if you wish to be solar savvy and buy solar panels today, then I must declare that the world’s best advancements at the moment in solar panel technologies are coming out of Germany’s pioneering and government-supported industry.

This vision is in contrast to our own ‘backward’ energy policies of the last five years.

This final ironic moment, dedicated to our own cocksure David (green crap), Cameron. Our society needs energy and lots of it. The UK’s current energy policies are like being in a coal mine with Germany taking their people towards the light and were heading further down into the darkness.

Irony or idiocy?

A better way.

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