PV solar panels are common sense

Why PV solar panels (photovoltaic) are just common sense? There are some things in life which are just common sense.

The application of sunscreen, for example, so you don’t burn in the sun, wrapping up warm on cold winter mornings and wearing waterproof shoes when it’s raining. These are all common-sense precautions.

PV solar panels are just common sense in today's world.

PV solar panels are just common sense in today’s world.

The latest common-sense approach to modern life is to install PV solar panels to protect your family from undependable and increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years, and the era of cheap, plentiful energy is now a distant memory for us all.

Stuart Lovatt, the founder of Power My Home adds “It wasn’t too long ago that solar panels were considered only by environmentally-conscious households, but over the last few years, their popularity has grown exponentially. Not for green reasons like you would think, but because people are cushioning themselves from the shock of inevitable future energy price rises.”

Times have changed and so have attitudes to solar panels. That is why we are campaigning to Chancellor George Osborne and Prime Minister David Cameron to keep the current levels of feed-in tariffs to new adopters of solar technology at the current rate of 44.1 pence per unit.

Noises coming from the recent Conservative conference, especially from George Osborne, seem to go against the global race for renewable dominance. The Comprehensive Spending Review may reduce the feed-in tariff rate to newer adopters before the originally scheduled date of 2013.

Since its conception in April 2010, the feed-in tariffs, which reward households for installing PV solar panels, has been a fantastic success in the UK solar industry.

The formation of new companies, new jobs and new opportunities to become a global forerunner in the most significant business opportunity since the invention of the motor car.

Solar panels are good for the economy

Solar panels as a technological concept and as a business opportunity for Great Britain Plc is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build upon this new, still fledgeling industry. As jobs are being lost from traditional sectors faster than in any other period in modern history, the idea of cutting funding for one of the new fastest-growing industries in recent times, not only in the UK but internationally, is not a good one.

Pruning the young green shoots of a much-needed industry seems incredibly short-sighted.

The Conservative party came into power under the banner of being the greenest party. So far the Conservatives have announced expensive new road-building programs of nearly £900 million pounds, so the funding of green opportunities will be replaced by environmentally damaging ones.

At a time, when other nations, as well as households, should be reducing their reliance on unstable and increasingly expensive and scarcer foreign energy supplies, increasing demand for such through more vehicle use and high-speed limits is not common sense.

Renewable technologies will benefit the country at a time when North Sea gas and oil output continues to wane. That is common sense.

Reducing our CO2 emissions, although of secondary benefit, might not seem relevant to the green party ever but protecting our planet is the ultimate in everyday sense precautions.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2011-10-15