A new world if you can grasp it

The Smart Export Guarantee ensures traditional energy suppliers offer competing rates to small-scale domestic PV solar generators.

A moment in history that’s equal to the Magna Carta.

A new world if you can grasp it

Since 1066, our nation’s medieval wood stocks, then coal and later electricity resources became tightly controlled.

Today, for the first time since William the Conqueror, the general population can self-generate and sell on the open energy market.

A concept that’s taken 954 years to come to fruition.

The ability to choose between being an importer and exporter or a simple consumer of electricity cannot be understated.

Importantly, this opens up the self-generation market and ensures that the dinosaur energy suppliers now compete to attract domestic generators to fulfill their green energy commitments.

Unprecedented advances in technology over a thousand years mean homeowners can now profit from the sun.

The three-decades lifespan that PV solar panel owners enjoy, only highlights their ability to redraw our nation’s energy network.

Our ancestors had their ability to use natural resources taken away by invading Norman conquerors.

Today’s policy change will restore ancient common-law rights and allow people to benefit from a natural resource that hits our roofs daily.

Ultimately, PV solar panels alongside export tariffs provide – new opportunities.

No government subsidy is necessary

A new framework for a transition away from the costly old energy regime towards a new world that rewards and encourages personal energy responsibility.

However, your newfound ability and freedom to generate then be rewarded for the surplus didn’t arrive without a struggle.

The dinosaur energy companies have fought tooth and claw’ to prevent you from becoming energy independent.

The solar industry’s ability to survive and modernise in the face of such opposition demonstrates a real drive and spirit to move our civilisation forward.

Respect is due.

To date, there are approx 900,000 PV-powered homes in the UK, so one million by the end of 2020 is within our power too.

The British people are paying 40% more for energy than in 2015!

In Brexit Britain, this could rise further.

John Lennon wrote, “Imagine a world with no war”. A stretch too far for human beings? However, one of the steps towards the unachievable is reducing reliance on burning dead dinosaurs.

Imagine a world where you look forward to correspondence from your energy provider.

Now achievable with PV export tariffs.

A brave new world if you can grasp it, then evolve within it.

Stuart Lovatt 2020-01-04