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PV solar panels generate freedom

Great news! The government has finally decided to support the UK’s PV-solar industry. Shamed by protesting school children!

The new Smart Export Guarantee means energy suppliers will purchase surplus PV-power from 1st January 2020.

Some smaller energy suppliers, already offer to buy solar power from their customers, but this change in policy will mean The Big Six will be required to comply too. However, the right to compete on a level field has been a hard-won battle.

Competition to attract PV-owners will undoubtedly invigorate the installation industry again. Historically, political and media aggression towards solar technology has been shameless. The truth is, I’ve never met a PV solar panel adopter who regretted their investment. Pioneering PV-investors have full bragging rights for their intelligent decisions.

There are currently 800,000 plus PV-powered homes in the UK currently with an opening for a full-scale revolution, especially now battery storage is no longer required.

Tailored system sizes have significantly brought costs down too.

Battery storage with PV solar panels is the equivalent of buying a new car with a caravan too. Many enthusiasts will still buy a caravan/battery, but for most new PV customers, the thirty-plus year lifespan and being able to sell surplus power at a fair price will be enough of an incentive to invest. Today, far too much of your money is lost to energy expenditure.

People generating a large portion of their electricity for free – for decades to come. As an example, 85% of those who are buying PV today, generally choose to install a battery storage system. Social Energy offers a market-leading 5.6p per kWh export tariff, plus other smart features enabling PV adopters to save up to £656 per year on their energy bills, earning a 7.5% ROR. Today, you can install before these 2020 changes, so get a quote to take advantage of pioneering suppliers already offering these incentives and avoid the rush to install.

The framework for a revolution has now begrudgingly been put into place.

Once fossil fuel energy suppliers ‘green energy’ offerings via certificate trading finally are exposed as misleading, then ‘real’ green energy generators will be highly sought 😉

The Rubicon’s now crossed, and the ‘dirty old’ energy market will have to compete to attract PV-owners ‘clean generated power. The common folk hasn’t experienced energy freedom like this since the Norman logging barons took control after 1066.

Our fallen colleagues from revolution 1.0

Freedom is a concept that gets continually challenged, even the freedom to generate clean energy.

Back in 2009, 2010, and 2011, it seemed like our country was progressing beyond dirty energy and beginning the first fledgling steps towards a cleaner, greener society. A win-win for our civilisation, The Planet, and homeowners that continually see energy expenditure rise year-on-year to this day.

The government at that time shared this vision too.

Within eighteen months, a feed-in tariff incentive, the MCS-accreditation scheme, and RECC (formally REAL) were born to bring regulation to a fledgling PV solar industry. Sadly, this enthusiasm was not to last as the austerity government came into power; the first on its hitlist were solar panels. With powerful lobbyists and propagandist media barons with large energy investment portfolios to satisfy, they quickly began the process of demonising solar panels.

This dismantling was done covertly with lots of negative press and the erratic erosion of incentives to intentional comedy levels. Now the template for dismantling the NHS! Many hundreds of solar installation companies fell like Doctors in a Practice.

Thousands of good men, all enthusiastic about building a cleaner future had their lives destroyed – unnecessarily! Sadly, many of these highly skilled people now lost to the industry, and countless families destroyed – needlessly! Today, when it looks like ‘The Austerity’ Government will be wiped off the political map for generations, do they suddenly embrace our original vision of a cleaner, smarter and greener Britain.

Golden handshake-seeking politicians set our national deployment back by a whole decade. Unsurprisingly, traditional energy prices continue to rise unabated.

PV and EV technologies will be as cool as coffee in the coming years. Better late than never, but the earliest pioneering solar professionals paid a hefty price – some with their lives.

So, I dedicate this page to those bright-sparks, people who embraced a PV-powered future but will never see its growth. Genuine Great British people who planted a tree whose shade they will never sit beneath.

People that unwittingly found themselves on a battlefield to protect dirty fuel.

A better way.

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