The war against energy freedom

What’s amazing is that we still run our civilisation on Victorian technologies. ‘Trumponomics’ is my description of the push for Victorian-era economics in a 21st-century world.

Both the rise of Trump and Brexit were designed by those whose power and wealth depend upon a green energy revolution not occurring. However, the majority of automobile manufacturers are on board today. The last decade’s anti-green efforts are too little, too late, and after the electrically-powered Mustang horse has already bolted.

We are in a Carbon War that I would describe as a third world war with ‘traditionalists’ like Trump and those notorious ‘right-wing’ Conservatives that we heard so much about during the referendum.

The last-ditch attempts to hold back this overwhelming tide of change that threatens their wealth-creating monopolies are bold, but swimming against the tide. This grasp on power emanates itself from the media propaganda that denies the damage to the planet and discouraging the uptake of alternative energy technologies, despite going against the worldwide grain.

The natural progression of civilisation has been halted by wealthy oil families and other investor beneficiaries who have now led ‘this once great country’ down a path of fracking to uphold their one hundred and fifty-year-old energy model.

Despite their Brexit and Trump achievements, they are still swimming against the tide of technological and geopolitical change, so not even these political earthquakes can no longer prevent EV’s and solar panels, taking their place within the global story of progress.

The playing field is uneven in favour of EV’s and solar panels, and they know it. After all, you’d be nuts to continue paying for petrol when you can get ‘free’ motoring mileage from an electric vehicle charged by your solar panels. Only the village idiot would keep paying the ever-increasing cost of heating and to power a home when alternative energy will give it to you for free – long-term.

We have all witnessed the relentless ‘EU bashing’ by newspapers with agendas towards a fossil fuel economy, but their impassioned last-ditch attempt to ‘take control’ by any means necessary is still at odds with worldwide support for a new civilisation based on a generate-your-own model. The writing’s on the wall.

Brexit is nothing more than an attempt to bring down Germany’s green energy influence over the rest of the EU.

The battleground of the carbon war

Taking control by any means necessary using fake agenda-led news was all learned at the school of Joseph Goebbels.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

The lie can be maintained only for such a time but can shield the people from the political, economic, and military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for these perpetrators to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and therefore by extension, the fact is the most significant enemy.”

I initially thought a 21st-century civilisation still using Victorian-era technology was strange, but getting people to vote against their own and their children’s interests were utterly unbelievable, but possible by playing on people’s fears.

Now we’ve got to the bottom of this train crash in motion, choosing your side in this Carbon War is imperative. I decide to lead the charge on the alternative energy ranks because I know that real freedom has to be fought for and oil-based economics ultimately have a limited shelf life.

Germany’s people have been led to the solar-powered light; while we walk obliviously toward the darkness.

Our society has used vast amounts of energy and nature to get to this point. Today, our reliance on fracking proves that fossil fuel economics has already peaked and has a limited shelf life.

I also suspect that austerity is more related to energy issues and trying to keep the pretense of ‘business as usual’ going, after our governments ‘failed’ oil grabs in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. And just in case you haven’t bothered to research why millions of Syrian refugees are beating down the door.

You need to know that Saudi Arabia wanted to build a pipeline through Syria, but Syria refused. Proxy attacks on Syria began, including US supporting of ISIS’s early inception and were initiated to destabilise the Syrian government and push through the pipeline construction. Russia then protects Syria and is demonised for doing so. Trump was elected by awakening Americans to prevent Hillary Clinton from creating a ‘No Fly Zone’ over Syria, which would have pushed us closer to conflict with Russia and its allies.

The Ministry of Truth would never tell you that! Today, awakened people want freedom from this type of bloodstained, deceptive economy, so the increasing worldwide demand for solar panels and electric vehicle growth is beginning to look like the hockey-stick graph made famous by another Inconvenient Truth.

Shrewd and manipulative industrialists were also around during the beginning of the industrial revolution when lumber barons fought against the then-new coal industry. We’ve been here before many times, but the chickens have already fled the coop, and their gunfire shots merely disperse the truth further and more comprehensively.

Progress will always win outright by the simple virtue of efficiency.

China is jumping on the green energy opportunities, and Russia is resisting the US corporate GMO seed racketeering, and who’d have thought that these countries would be the right guys in the world. The US and UK’s elite’s desperation to keep the ‘fossil fuel model’ is now turning us into the bad guys.

If you want to protest against Trumponomics and far-right politics designed to protect the ‘centralised model’, then choose solar panels for your home or make your next car an EV. Let the economics of efficiency take its natural course to bring this civilisation into the 21st-century finally. And if you think trade deals will save us from Brexit, then just consider that politicians couldn’t even negotiate beneficial trade deals with Starbucks and Amazon, etc. Time to prepare!

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow, yet essential to plan for a sensible future.

Compressor engines no longer do it for me! I view them as granddad technology, and I will direct my aspirations towards (EV) electric vehicles instead.

A solar-powered century is a necessity, not a luxury.

Stuart Lovatt 2017-01-27