PV solar panels in Brexit Britain

Unbelievably, nobody is talking about the energy implications of Brexit! We’re declaring a trade war with those with energy tentacles wholly entwined within our country. Interestingly, pension funds are intrinsically linked to the energy sector. Something the Brexit-media failed to tell their readership!

We may all end up being “in this together” after all – I digress.

After already enduring two decades of energy rises, Brexit-related price rises will be an additional reason to adopt PV solar panels. Today, I predict Brexit will hammer the last doubt for many who’ll seek alternative ways to cushion themselves from the uncertainties of leaving the EU.

That’s why the timing of the ‘Export Tariff Guarantee’ is perfect. This brand new PV solar incentive puts into legislation a competitive market price for PV-equipped households selling their surplus.

Importing energy in Brexit land is about to get a whole lot more expensive. Alternatively, exporting surplus is going to become financially rewarding as traditional energy suppliers begin to ‘compete’ to attract green energy producers.

Brexit came entirely out of the left-field, consequences not yet even considered befall our once-great United Kingdom, and so installing has never made such sense today. The unintended consequence of selfishly looking after number one with PV, then scaled-up nationally may prove to enhance our nation.

Take an exploratory look at this misrepresented technology that has gone from strength to strength over the last two decades globally and with additional plugin advancements to increase the benefits further.

2020 may well be the year that Britain finally embraced a Smart Energy Grid by homeowners sheltering themselves from this proxy trade war between the EU and the USA.

The US is upset because the EU refused their Chlorinated Chicken under the TTIP negotiations in 2014.

Splintering off Britain, to weaken the EU and the madness of Brexit suddenly makes sense. One country at a time, emulating their industrial-military machine.

Chester Cathedral has finally seen the light too.

A thousand years of cathedral history will become crowned with an array of PV solar panels. This change came about because of future planning, but mainly pursuing financial savings and seeking environmental credibility. Something all religions have been woefully slow to recognise. More interestingly, a decision to install that’s timed to perfection to be Brexit preparations for an institute looking towards the next thousand years.

Sadly, Brexit could become a pair of feuding neighbours arguing about the Leylandii Tree encouraged by the orange man across the road.

However, it could be a full-blown trade war with massive implications for the UK’s energy industry, that will negatively trickle down into every corner of British life. Either way, Chester Cathedral will benefit from its solar panels for the next three decades.

The only certainty offered in this country at this current time. Ultimately, “most people don’t want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility” – Sigmund Freud.

Selfishly building for the next generation

I once described PV solar panels as the Anderson Shelters of our time. US frackers operating in Britain won’t help post-Brexit energy bills.

Profit and exploitation will always come before passing on any benefits received to customers. Only British Gas, SSE is entirely British owned but susceptible to foreign wholesale changes.

Good Energy and Ecotricity can only be considered Brexit resilient due to their alternative generation approach. Realistically, the only sensible alternative is adopting PV solar panels for the longer-term view.

While setting up Power My Home in 2004, I naively thought the climate crisis would propel uptake. Uptake increased enough for government regulation to get involved, and it gave us installation standards now emulated around the world.

That stage was a positive step in the right direction for the industry by building a solid foundation for growth. Then year-on-year price rises turbo-charged the industry, and again, this instigated the feed-in-tariff incentive – a precursor to today’s Export Tariff Guarantee.

This pioneering endeavor changed the whole dynamics between the energy supplier and the consumer. A relationship that hasn’t changed since the Norman Barons took control of the woodlands post-1066. Today, homeowners have the option to ‘Import’ and ‘Export’ power and sell their surplus at a reasonable price. A price that’ll rise as competition to attract PV-owners plays out in the post-Brexit energy market.

The foundations for a true Smart-Grid in Brexit Britain now laid.

So, the exploitation of British energy consumers by foreign-owned energy companies is on the horizon. The ‘Switch To A Better Deal’ industry can’t help. They’re only displaying what’s on offer at any given time.

The only sane option is to adopt PV-tech. Modern technology with useful accessories to power, heat your tank, and charge your future car while becoming a power producer too. Political deck chairs get shuffled around every five years, solar panels last at least thirty years and the impact of Brexit will last???

Be like Chester Cathedral.

Relax, sit back and smugly think of England.

Stuart Lovatt 2019-08-21