Power My Home PV Solar Panels UK.

PV solar panels made easy.

Solar panels made easy.

Do you want to power your home, EV, or garden office with solar panels?

Today, I offer my knowledge to those daunted by the wide range of options and prices. PV solar panel systems are in demand, but savings are still possible.

Solar panels fix your energy expenditure for the next three decades and famly friend in tomorrow's world. Self-generation will help mitigate your energy costs, and I'm happy to help reduce the cost of your system.

Welcome to the solar century.

Fully charged and independent.

In the beginning, I showcased solar heating technology before photovoltaics became popular around 2010. My motivation back then was directing customers away from dreadful installers that stained the UK industry in those darker times.

Today, I'm happy to report that Power My Home became the inspiration for 30,332 new solar-powered homes since 2004.

My "let's do better than that" approach is how I support new adopters today.

I'm fully-charged and here to help.

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Power My Home.

We love PV and EV installers.

"I offer my experience to homeowners investing in a PV system or EV charging."

Can I power my life using PV solar panels?

Contrary to general belief, solar panels generate on most cloudy days in the UK and work more efficiently in moderate temperatures and climates.

Domestic PV solar systems typically generate and store up to 4,200 kWh annually, depending on size and location. Solar panels can provide up to 85% savings on electricity bills with a battery storage unit.

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Can I charge an EV with PV?

Yes, EV technology is a fantastic technology, and you can charge them for free. A solar-powered car is a genius level of savvy, but I've always wondered why they don't integrate PV into the roof. The UK Government and crazy geopolitics continue to push electric vehicles and PV solar panel installations.

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Do solar panels heat water?

Evacuated tubes were the most common solar heating until the advent of PV-heat converters. Use surplus power to heat hot water, if you have an existing tank to work alongside your new PV installation. Save around 70% on heating water tanks with a PV-heat converter.

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Is battery storage worth it?

Yes, PV solar with battery storage capabilities are a game-changer as it expands solar power into the nighttime hours. Storage capabilities are ideal for home workers, and families with high demand.

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Can I sell my surplus power?

Photovoltaics are all grown-up with today's export tariffs. In January 2020, a PV solar incentive was launched in the UK to allow domestic self-generators to sell surplus power.

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