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"Power My Home helps enquiring minds determine what's best. I first investigated the potential of solar panels when evacuated tubes and heating panels were popular, but PV solar panel's economics were not attractive then. With the export tariff, bank interest rates, and crazy energy costs, the UK's solar industry grew quickly.

You're making a long-term investment, so it's my prerequisite that getting it right first time is essential. Solar tech is in high demand today, but despite a confusing marketplace - favourable options are discoverable."

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Power My Home.

"The installation of my solar panels was a good experience. The technicians were considerate and worked efficiently, leaving no mess. Do you know the benefits are even better than I thought, and now my electric company pays me, excellent!"
Mrs. Mathers, Derby.

The basics.

Solar energy begins as a shortwave. When these shortwaves hit something, be it a person, building, or solar panel, this converts to a longwave. This process gives us various levels of heat and power depending on geographical location. The importance of roof orientation for favourable performance cannot be understated.

PV solar panel systems and installation.

PV solar panels

Invest in your home and energy future with grid-connected PV (photovoltaic) solar panels with a typical life span of 25-40 years. Solar panels have never made such financial sense in today's energy-hungry world, so they produce electricity through photovoltaic streaming. PV will stream into your power supply with surplus to sell.

Modern systems optimise output and feed into battery storage or automatically export towards a tariff scheme. Any deficit in power generation automatically draws from your electricity supplier as per usual. Your PV solar panels will provide hassle-free benefits for decades to come.

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PV solar storage.

Generating power is only half the magic. The advent of various storage options brought photovoltaic solar panels into mainstream acceptance. PV solar storage options arrived on the scene in the form of battery storage, water tank heating, and the ability to charge my car changed the lexicon of adoption options.

Modern PV systems optimise electricity current into various outlets, making a solar installation into a multifaceted life-enhancing technology. Pick and mix your most suitable options.

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PV solar tariffs.

When I first began my obsession with solar panels, the idea that you'd get paid for surplus was a mere pipedream. That dream did come true, and today, adopters enjoy an annual tariff deposit of hundreds of pounds for their astute decision to install.

The PV solar tariff scheme is a symbiotic success story for self-generators and energy companies. I never imagined that I'd see companies competing to offer more favourable rewards - yet here we are.

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Evacuated solar tube systems.

Evacuated solar tubes

Investing in the latest water heating system has never made such financial sense. Evacuated solar tubes are the most efficient of all the solar panels. Domestic water heating tubes work all year round and can contribute around 65% of a home's annual hot water requirement.

The cost of a typical evacuated tube installation depends on several factors. Most installers recommend upgrading to a super-efficient storage tank. Solar hot water can reward you with lower energy running costs.

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Solar panels for heating systems.

Solar heating panels

A solar heating installation has never made such financial sense. Thermal panels, known as solar heating panels, provide a secondary heating source for your hot water tank. These flat plate panels work most of the year and can contribute around 60% of a home's hot water requirement.

A solar heating panel installation is like converting a car into a hybrid. After the initial investment, your heating system will run efficiently and cheaply thereafter. Solar panels will bring your home up to modern standards. From March through to October, your boiler may not be required at all.

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Previous adopters:

"After installing my solar PV solar system, it's been generating electricity without a hitch. The installation went smoothly and complete in less than a day. I've been tracking the system's performance daily and lighting up our evening with our battery storage.

I invited the Residents Association and public viewings to encourage others to adopt. We're not the first solar PV installation in the area, but the only one with battery storage. I'm happy to discuss technology, life, and the universe with anyone who will listen.

We export electricity daily, so we offset the cost of importing when the sun doesn't shine. From Stuart's recommendations, I've added some nifty gadgets to reduce my import rate further, and that's how I gained energy independence-ish."
Mr. Richards, Hampshire.

"This is a quick, short note to sum-up how we feel the installation went. You have all been professional, understanding, prompt, responsive, and diligent. We will willingly and happily recommend your company to friends and contacts in the future. It makes the whole project worthwhile."
Mr. Howard, Norfolk.

"Please accept our thanks for your valued assistance in achieving a happy outcome. You must feel free to use this message with any future prospective customers who may have doubts about the value of having solar panels installed."
Mr. Hurst, Redditch.

"May I take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the photovoltaic solar panels that have now been in operation for two weeks? I know I have to average it out with the winter months, but in the last sunny four days and one cloudy day, five in total, which bodes well!"
Mr. Smethhurst, Chippenham.

"We're now self-sufficient in electricity, which was our target. We have been monitoring our meter and our record is 16.5 units in one day. Very promising."
Mrs. Taylor, Nuneaton.

"Keeping my money in the bank was giving me low returns, so I invested a small chunk of it, and now I get a great return and save money on bills too."
Mr. S Brown, Wallington.

Best of all is the joy of seeing the wheel on our mains electricity meter going backward! It makes the whole scheme worthwhile. It doesn't take a genius to work this out. I'm helping save the planet and getting a decent return on my investment."
Mr. Granger, Felixstowe.

"Polite and prompt responses to queries, Fitted by courteous and experienced tradesmen. Very pleased with the performance of the product."
Mr. Barney, Yorkshire.

"The solar tubes are excellent and produce today's bath water. The two workmen were superb. They are very friendly, very polite, and very efficient. Thank you."
Mrs. Skilbeck, Wirral.

"One advantage of installing the system is that it has made us much more conscious of electricity usage and hence has reduced our overall consumption significantly. Looking at the price difference between cost and selling. I am expecting very low bills for this year."
Mr. Benson, Chipping Norton.

"My evacuated tube system has worked well with little maintenance, and the gas bill went down. The UK's energy issues were climbing the agenda, and these were my deciding factors to put capital to use and install my photovoltaic system."
Mr. Davies, Hexham.

"We had evacuated tubes installed and think they are wonderful. They have provided hot water for most of the year. I love the look of them on my roof, and passers-by always comment on them when I am doing the garden. They certainly had the whole village talking about them for a while."
Mr. Shore, Lancaster.

"We've had PV panels for two years and have found excellent savings on our energy bills. Our grandchildren brag that granny has solar panels, and they're a great conversation starter when doing my gardening."
Mrs. Dougthwaite, Peterborough.

"Just a note to say how impressed we were with the enthusiasm of your installers. The system appears to perform better than I expected and great for January."
Mr. Huxtable, Hatfield.

"I am writing to commend the team that carried out the installation and your staff who handled the paperwork. We have had the solar panels for nearly two months now and found them to be as described at the time. The photovoltaics are working superbly, and we are producing every day. It's nice to think we are adding to the National Grid instead of taking."
John, Cirencester.

"I was surprised by how easy the installation process was. It was smooth and hassle-free. My thanks, a highly professional job on both occasions."
Mr. Jones, Northwich.

"The installation was complete with no mess or fuss. The installers were polite and very careful. Since the installation, the panels have generated far more than we've used. I'm happy and would not hesitate to recommend Stuart."
Mrs. Banks, Northwich.

"The bottom line is that we're very content that we decided to install our photovoltaic system. We aim to turn our home into a zero-energy cost project. Please accept our thanks for your valued assistance in achieving a happy outcome. You must feel free to use this message with any future prospective customers who may have doubts about the value of having solar panels installed."
Mrs. Philips, Bury St Edmunds.

"I was surprised by how easy the installation process was. It was smooth, easy, and hassle-free. My thanks, a highly professional job on both occasions."
Mr. Jones, Northwich.

"I would say the savings on water heating with solar tubes is around 60%. Dead simple technology too. Our unit is about 18 years old now and still going strong. It paid for itself in about five years."
Mr. Ellis, Plymouth.

"As a teacher, it amused me to receive a lesson about using the control panel for the central heating and hot water. We are now looking forward to a summer of no fuel bills. Or winters should also be fuel efficient now that we have solar panels and a wood burner."
Mr. Howse, Poole.

"Our solar panel system is on course to earn me the predicted revenue. Putting the purchase price into a saving account would produce little to nothing. The numbers speak for themselves. I'm proud to be the first on our street to install and reduce my bills. Happy to recommend."
Mr. Moussa, Yorkshire.

"I am writing to commend you. We had PV system for nearly two months, and they are working superbly and show we are on course to your predictions."
John Daniels, Cirencester.

"We have had our solar panels for almost two weeks now with power savings substantial already. The planning and installation were first class, and we would have no hesitation recommending."
JackandPippa, Birmingham.

"We chose photovoltaic solar panels beacuse we already have free hot water from an existing solar heating system. This PV system is truly making our home into a green home - and we feel proud that we're now on the way to becoming 80% energy independent-ish."
Mrs. Gregson, Weston-super-mare.

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"I've witnessed many fantastic changes, innovations, and aftermarket products arrive on the scene. My fellowship with ethically-minded MCS solar panel installers goes back decades. Today, I offer my experience to help adopters discover the best."

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