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PV (photovoltaic) solar panels and EV (electric vehicle) uptake in the UK.

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PV solar panels with EV-charging for the UK's most astute homes

Our obsession with solar panels began in 2004.

Learn about self-generating electricity, hot water, and possibly car mileage for free. Today, PV solar panels are enhanced with EV-charging, hot water, and battery storage.

A new era in personal energy generation has begun.

In a nutshell:

  • PV export tariffs with additional plugins make solar technology an exciting prospect today.
  • Contrary to popular belief, solar PV can operate on cloudy days in the UK's climate.
  • PV solar panels are the most popular and work alongside plugins for additional benefits.
  • Lasts longer than your mortgage.


Contrary to general belief, photovoltaics do generate on most cloudy days in the UK and work more efficiently in moderate temperatures and climates.

Modern PV solar panels generate and store for nighttime use, around 4,200 kWh annually.

Geographic and sizing variables apply.

We love PV and EV installers.

Salvation from energy costs is no longer a pipe-dream with solar panels in the United Kingdom.

Can I sell surplus power from solar panels?

PV is all grown-up today with export tariff options.

In January 2020, the Smart Export Guarantee launched in the UK for PV adopters to sell surplus power from their solar panels.

For solar pioneers, this was terrific news as traditional energy companies now 'compete' for real green energy on the open energy market.

Fantastic for self-generators and the energy industry.

This policy change means a healthier return-on-investment, especially when PV solar panels are working alongside other additional plugin's and with a long-term outlook.

Solar panels are exciting again.

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"Those who can afford photovoltaics, should take a fresh look at these underestimated technologies."

How much do PV solar panels cost?

The costs of installing solar panels have massively decreased over the last decade.

In 2004, I first witnessed an extensive 4kW photovoltaic solar system getting installed for over fifteen grand without any of the plugin benefits that we see today.

Today, a similarly sized-system is 75% cheaper than what the earliest solar pioneers paid.

The significant decrease in price comes down to larger-scaled and more efficient manufacturing processes, so panel price's and other equipment costs make-up 60% of costs.

Installation costs and miscellaneous represent 40% of the final price of installing.

Interestingly, return-on-investment is much better today thanks to plugin extras.

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How to find a trusted solar installer?

The original reason I developed Power My Home back in 2004 was to tackle this very issue. I wanted to guide the earliest adopters towards ethical installers.

Back then, the early solar industry was a minefield of over-charging, dodgy salespeople, questionable technologies and careless installers.

Today, I'm happy to report that the modern solar industry proudly has the world's highest standards of building compliance.

Your peace of mind is assured with BRE, MCS regulations.

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Will solar panels charge my electric vehicle?

Photovoltaic systems generate, on average, 300 days out of 365.

In the pioneering days of photovoltaic-ownership, it becomes habitual to switch your washing machine on when it's sunny. This principle adopted to charging EV's will give you savings on its own.

However, modern life doesn't allow time for such discipline; therefore, a battery storage device is helpful today because it automatically received the charge in your absence and passes to your vehicle within your schedule.

This 'shine and store' principle is what occurs with public charge-points commonly seen at motorway service stations, thus giving its operators further savings on its operating costs.

The best purchase you'll make this century.

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"Keeping my money in the bank was giving me low returns, so I invested a small chunk of it."

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Today, the UK's solar industry has world-leading standards and regulations.

We work in partnership with the Renewable Energy Consumer Code to improve consumer confidence further.

Proudly, only accredited installers make-up the UK's PV-industry today.

The benefits of installing solar panels exceed the reasons to not.

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From the forum.

"My wife and I would like to express our satisfaction with our solar panels and to say how delighted we are.

"At every stage of the process, your staff and reps have been professional, knowledgeable, proactive, and helpful. At no point in the process did we feel pressure to buy."
Mr Wallace, Leominster

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