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Do you want to power your home, EV, or garden office with solar panels?

Power My Home is aimed at homeowners wishing to treat 'importing' electricity into the home as a Plan B. Energy comparison deals are now assigned to history and only obscured people's ability to act long-term.

Today, it's time to learn about self-generation. It's a great time to install PV solar panels enhanced with EV charging, hot water, and battery storage backup.

In a nutshell:

  • Solar panels sell themselves.
  • Nationwide MCS solar installers.
  • World-leading standards.
  • Benefits last longer than a mortgage.

Word to the wise.

Contrary to general belief, photovoltaics generate on most cloudy days in the UK and work more efficiently in moderate temperatures and climates.

Modern domestic PV solar systems typically generate and store between 1,600 to 4,200 kWh annually, depending on size and location.

Solar technologies remove the uncertainty and fix your energy expenditure for the next three decades.

Welcome to the solar century.

We love PV and EV installers.

"I empowered the earliest solar pioneers and continue to help homeowners today."

Can I power my house using solar panels?

Solar panels can provide up to 85% savings on electricity bills with a battery storage unit and around 70% on heating water tanks with a PV-heat converter.

This self-generation technology (depending on your geographical location), CAN significantly help to mitigate the costs of remaining subservient to an energy company and global politics.

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PV solar panels and EV charging for a crazy world.

Can I charge an EV with solar panels?

Yes, EV technology is a fantastic technology, and you can charge them for free. A solar-powered car is a genius level of savvy, but I've always wondered why they don't integrate PV into the roof. The UK Government and crazy geopolitics continue to push electric vehicles and PV solar panel installations.

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Choose PV solar panels with EV charging capabilities.

Do solar panels heat hot water?

Evacuated tubes were the most common solar heating until the advent of PV-heat converters. Use surplus power to heat hot water, if you have an existing tank to work alongside your new PV installation.

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Choose PV solar panels with hot water tank heating.

Are solar panels with battery storage worth it?

PV solar panels with battery storage capabilities are a game-changer as it expands solar power into the nighttime hours. Storage capabilities are ideal for home workers, and families with high demand.

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Who's the best provider to sell my surplus power?

PV is all grown-up with today's export tariffs. In January 2020, a PV solar incentive was launched in the UK to allow domestic self-generators to sell surplus power.

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PV solar panels and export tariff incentives for the UK.

"We have had our solar panels for almost two weeks now, and the electricity savings are substantial already.

The planning and installation were first class, and we would have no hesitation recommending."
JackandPippa, Birmingham.

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