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Solar panel suitability.

Do you want to energise your home, home office, and car with solar panels?

Solar panels are in high demand, but savings can still be found. For existing PV users, exporting surplus power may not be the best use of your self-generated power.

Energy independence-ish.

Solar panels with storage ancillaries fix your energy expenditure for the next three decades. Self-generation will help mitigate your energy costs, thus 'importing' power into your home can be the Plan B.

PV (photovoltaic) solar panels are for people wanting to insulate from 'ever-increasing' energy costs and insulate from geopolitical woes!

The joy of surplus power.

The export tariff scheme was a breakthrough for solar adopters in 2016. This incentive scheme allowed domestic self-generators to sell and offset surplus power, before the battery, water tank, and EV storage arrived on the scene.

We love PV and EV installers.

"I empowered the earliest PV pioneers and continue to offer my experience."

The benefit of my experience.

"I first investigated the potential of solar panels many years ago, but the economics was not attractive then. With new export tariffs and the decline of bank interest rates. Suddenly a solar investment became viable.

After installing a solar PV solar system on a south-facing roof, it's been generating electricity without a hitch. The installation went smoothly and was uncomplicated and done in less than a day. I've been tracking the system's performance every day and lighting up our evening with our battery storage.

I invited the Residents Association and public viewings to encourage others to adopt. We're not the first solar PV installation in the area, but we're the only ones with battery storage. I'm happy to discuss technology, life, and the universe with anyone that'll listen.

We export electricity on a daily basis, so we offset the cost of importing when the sun doesn't shine.

From Stuart's recommendations, I've added some nifty gadgets to reduce that import rate even further, and that's how I gained energy independence-ish."

Mr. Richards, Hampshire

Solar panels and installations in the UK.Stuart Lovatt
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