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PV (photovoltaic) solar panels and EV (electric vehicle) uptake in the UK.

Solar panels made easy.

PV solar panels with EV-charging, installations, and installers in the UK

Power My Home is aimed at people wanting to surpass the illusionary 'Switch' game, now popular within the traditional energy sector.

Energy price comparison sites are only short-term fixes and obscure the ability to act longer-term.

Learn about self-generating your lifestyle with free vehicle mileage. Today, PV solar panels are enhanced by EV charging, hot water, and battery storage.

In a nutshell:

  • Solar panels are an exciting investment.
  • Installations in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Installers incorporating world-leading standards.
  • Lasts longer than your mortgage.

The beauty of PV.

Contrary to general belief, photovoltaics do generate on most cloudy days in the UK and work more efficiently in moderate temperatures and climates.

Modern PV solar panels generate and store for nighttime use, around 4,200 kWh annually.

We love PV and EV installers.

"The UK's most efficient solar panels."

A word to the wise.

Life has always been an uncertain place to live, but what's been an absolute is the rising cost of powering our lives.

Tapping into the sun takes away that uncertainty, and stabilises your energy expenditure for decades to come.

Today, PV adopters enjoy world-leading standards and regulations.

Join a growing army of people now powered by the sun.

PV with EV-charging

Electric vehicles are fantastic, but the icing on the cake comes when you charge for free. A sun-powered car is a genius level of savvy.

The UK government is continuing the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) into the following year! This scheme offers a 350 GBP grant to install an electric vehicle charge point with a PV installation.

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Choose PV solar panels with EV-charging capabilities.

PV with water heating

Evacuated tubes were the most common solar heating until the advent of PV-heat converters.

Use surplus power to heat hot water, if you have an existing tank to work alongside your new PV installation.

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Choose PV solar panels with hot water tank heating.

PV with battery storage

PV solar panels with battery storage capabilities is a game-changer as it expands solar-power into the nighttime hours.

Storage capabilities are ideal for home working, and/or families with a high demand for power during the evening time hours.

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Choose PV solar panels with battery storage.

Sell your surplus

PV is all grown-up with today's export tariffs.

In January 2020, the Smart Export Guarantee was launched in the UK to allow domestic PV adopters to sell their surplus power.

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PV solar panels and export tariff incentives for the UK.

"We have had our solar panels for almost two weeks now and the electricity savings are substantial already.

The planning and installation were first class and we would have no hesitation recommending."
JackandPippa, Birmingham

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"We empowered the earliest PV pioneers and continue
to help homeowners following in their footsteps."

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