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Twelve years of shouting from the rooftops about solar panels have seen tears of joy, sadness and quite frankly, I have put my life on the line in this good fight.

Why? Because a solar-powered civilisation is not only achievable; it’s necessary! Today, we have secretive, global-wide geoengineering occurring because of forty years of deception to simply keep you blindly shopping. And like national debt today, the ecological problems get kicked further down the road for later generations to deal with – we are that generation!

The planet is drying out, whole lakes and seas are disappearing, and governments are preparing their military to fight over water. Suddenly, my vision doesn’t seem crazy. Unfortunately, solar technology has powerful enemies that still want to preserve the centralised energy model, even if that means poisoning our countryside. Additionally, solar has friends too. The roller coaster rides that the solar industry has endured over the last few years have been a struggle for power between traditional and new energy model factions.

Happily, the old school is losing grip globally. Just not in the United Kingdom yet, due to its powerful press barons who have financial interests in dead dinosaurs.

Conspiracy is the new normal and the technological advances over the last few years in alternative energy are rolling out globally without us.

Britain will be stuck with the 20th-century network model unless people like Murdoch are viewed as traitors of the realm. Think Brexit was about immigration? Wrong, it was a power struggle between lobbyists who want fracking and the EU who is anti-fracking on the whole.

It was no coincidence that the first fracking licenses are issued during the distraction of the EU referendum. Today, countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and even Scotland have joined my vision of a green energy revolution and are currently phasing out their 20th-century networks with great success.

Worldwide solar PV adoption and manufacturing are rising exponentially. Vindication feels good.

Yet here in Britain today, those lobbyists backed by US media giants are still pushing their anti-global warming agenda on the population to drive for fracking acceptance.

The sad state of affairs is that we British have been conditioned over many decades to put ‘house prices’ as our only concern. We’ve been playing, and the exposed Brexit deceit has revealed this in all its ugly glory.

We as a nation had a golden opportunity to develop, nurture and export green energy technologies across the world as I couldn’t be the only person to recognise its potential. David Cameron should have “green crap” inscribed on his tombstone. The man who passed up on ‘The Beatles’ has nothing on Cameron. This man deliberately vandalised Britain’s early green steps.

A wise man can learn more from a foolish man than a dumb man can learn from a wise man – Bruce Lee.

Green energy was a business opportunity for the British people that could have lasted for centuries but was sold off to frackers who just want to make a quick ‘buck’ and leave Britain with environmental problems that could last for centuries. Today, I was speaking with the enthusiastic guys at the National Energy Efficiency Awards who work alongside some of Britain’s elite green energy companies. Frankly, despite the industry’s eagerness to ‘get on with the job’ of creating a green economy; Cameron’s “greenest government ever” had a policy of intentionally wrecking green technology investment.

Don’t despair chaps, as water always finds the sea. That’s not Bruce that’s one of mine.

The push for alternative energy will be driven by the resulting higher cost of energy – resulting from these poor key government decisions.

There’s nothing more potent than a technology whose time has come and in this drying world alongside the rising cost of heating and powering our homes – mean we as a nation will need solar panels anyway.

Why building Hinkley Point C will lead to a solar panel revolution?

Despite powerful lobbying by those who sell dead dinosaurs, today a new government now considers the impact of alternative energy uptake despite EDF and the Chinese government agreeing to invest £18bn in a new nuclear power station called Hinkley Point C. Directly, someone pointed out that continued solar PV uptake will make it unnecessary before its completion date.

Mistakes are always forgivable; if one dares to admit them – Bruce Lee.

What would have been disastrous for the British people, is the government had agreed to buy electricity from the plant for 35 years at a price that is more than twice current market rates. Also, Shale Gas won’t solve your high energy costs, and Hinkley will drive them up permanently.

This project proved what I always suspected. The British people were open to exploitation by their government. The British people are viewed as nothing more than cash cows – Your medical records are sold off to the highest bidder as with the rest of the nation’s treasures – I digress.

As if to prove my point, French-owned EDF raised the energy costs to consumers in France by 4%, but for British consumers, it went up by 23% in 2009 alone. I doubt EDF and the billions invested by the Chinese are in the best interests of the British herd.

Don’t get milked; get solar panels.

It would seem that those in our government are either clueless or shrewd. I believe they merely have no innovative ideas to bring to the table. Sell it, sell you, sell your children’s future to the highest bidder – kick that can further down the road – again! This is why I love solar panels and green energy technologies. They can affect ‘real’ change in our broken world and allow people to fight back at a system that doesn’t have their interests at heart.

As if to prove my original vision; even further, it now seems that EVs (electric vehicles) now has the potential to replace 90% of car journeys currently undertaken. EV charging with PV is a no-brainer in our world today.

As you think, so shall you become – Bruce Lee.

Returning to the subject of the national debt, Germany recently asked its citizens to stock up on ten days worth of food and water, giving a variety of reasons. I suspect that they are preparing for the coming US ‘debt ceiling’ financial collapse!

Martial arts are not about looking for trouble, but knowing what to do if trouble finds you.

Thank you, Bruce Lee, for your foresight and elegant words of wisdom.

New world savvy.

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