How solar energy can help?

North Korea today stopped all incoming flights to protect themselves from Ebola. Our western governments have not yet banned incoming flights from affected parts of Africa, but when the inevitable occurs, our society will change forever.

A solar kettle incorporating evacuated tube technology.

A solar kettle incorporating evacuated tube technology.

One thing is sure about a situation like this; you certainly won’t get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from watching BBC1, ITV, Sky News or any controlled media sources because governments don’t want to panic the masses.

Preparedness has always been the aim of Heat my Home since its conception in 2004, but unfortunately, those who once questioned the future of solar panels and the need to prepare are no longer sceptical now.

Change is already occurring in our society with people replacing ‘fist-bumping’ with the traditional handshake. Imagine a world where your local supermarket workers refuse to go to work because of fear of public interaction!

A world we can’t yet imagine is creeping up on us, one international flight at a time.

Conspiracy advocates are now saying that this is being allowed to spread to help depopulate a planet in environmental crisis. I’m rather more sceptical and think this inept response by our government to stop inbound flights from affected regions – has more to do with protecting an already weak and frail economy, rather than thinning out the nine billion.

Whatever the case, the sense of apprehension is beginning to permeate through the world’s population.

My original mission was to forewarn people and prepare for peak oil, and an energy crunch caused by human or natural occurrences.

But, the world I now see is far more delicate than first thought.

The thin, delicate veneer of our ‘civilised’ society can break down. Our friend the sun via solar X-flares, economic or banking meltdown, hyperinflation, global political wrangling, internet fraud and terrorism, climatic disaster and as was seen in the Arab Spring – food shortages caused by any of the above – Skating on thin ice doesn’t accurately describe it.

Governments worldwide have been preparing for Martial Law scenarios for years and so should you!

Sorry, I digressed – So how can solar energy help in the fight against Ebola?

Solar radiation kills Ebola and other bacteria/viruses through only less than an hour exposure to the sun. If you need to sterilise items, then leaving them in the sun can help you in the fight to protect your family.

The same is true with water sterilisation. Leaving water exposed to the sun in a clear plastic water container will kill most pathogens. The length of time depends on the time of year, but a solar kettle that uses evacuated tube technology will disinfect much more quickly and efficiently.

If a new wave of plague does spread through Europe again, then being able to Heat Your Home and feed your family for at least three months, may just protect those that you love during this period of uncertainty.

Unfortunately, the “Keep calm and carry on” mantra of the war years, won’t work here.

I never used to rate solar panels, but I’m warming up to them now

This statement came from one of my die-hard sceptical friends whom I have crossed intellectual swords with many times over the last decade.

What came about this monumental change of attitude towards solar panels, is the realisation that the world around us is not the world we remember – even as little as five years ago!

He later went on to say:

“Since I first heard the North Sea oil fields were in terminal decline, I have been fascinated by your left field outlook on the world and the many global issues that could bring about its failure.

Additionally, I concede that nine billion people have made a difference in the chemistry of the planet’s atmosphere, animal species disappearing on a biblical scale and marine life being wiped out to feed us all.

Your fascination of the Middle Eastern situation, BRICS confederation rise and Russian/China dominance, now prove that your years of encouragement to adopt solar panels and preaching of full dependence on the traditional system was foolish – now seems to be legitimate.

Only a few years ago, you had to search hard to find a solar panel on a roof, unlike today.”

To be fair to my friend, it took an economic crash, three new superpowers on the world stage and ten years of relentless energy price rise to convince him that solar panels were a good thing.

I remember in my childhood, the energy crisis of the 1970s and the sitting around in a cold house with nothing but a candle and pockets full of anticipation for the lights to return. My point being that unless you can see the worst-case scenario, then you can’t appreciate the here and now, but even during the good times, individuals, families and even governments should prepare for the worse.

We are all fortunate to be alive today because at no point in history have you, me or nine billion other people ever lived here on this planet at the same time – until today.

Unfortunately, the planetary scale science experiment that is the world today is threatening our ability to sustain ourselves in the manner we have all become accustomed.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-10-23
Founder of Power My Home.