Earth’s magnetic changes and solar energy

Strange sounds, atmospheric compression waves and magnetic anomalies reported around the world could mean we may be the first humans to witness a magnetic pole flip.

It’s no secret that the Earth’s magnetic poles flip from North to South and back again every 786,000 years, but what is a mystery is that governments around the world are genuinely concerned that our planet is showing signs of flipping as soon as this century.

What’s the most alarming is the strange sounds trumpeted around the world that some people have compared to the trumpets of the Archangel Gabriel from Revelations in the Bible – I digress.

These sounds, although still unexplained is believed to be connected to atmospheric compression waves which have also described by witnesses who say it was like being “slapped on the soles of the feet – and it hurt!”

So something strange is going on within the interior of our planet and with growing evidence of our magnetic poles weakening from their current magnetic North position. The Iron and Nickel electromagnetic generator that so much of Earth life is so dependent on to protect us is increasingly weakening.

Reports of infrasound anomalies, metallic scraping, boom sounds and atmospheric shock waves coming from the interior of our planet have been reported worldwide for well over fifteen years now, and it’s only because of the increased frequency and intensity of this phenomenon that it’s become public knowledge today.

Measurements made over the last six months of ESA’s (European Space Agency) three-satellite Swarm satellite system that they can confirm the ongoing trend of the magnetic field weakening year on year. The most dramatic declines being over the Western Hemisphere of the planet.

Changes are afoot, and the electromagnetic shield being generated 4,000 miles beneath our feet, that protects life on Earth from the ravages of our sun is going through a transitional period, and it’s certainly a dangerous time for life on earth – especially sunbathing Homo sapiens. The increase in solar particles and cosmic radiation bombarding the Earth will leave life vulnerable until the actual flip occurs. Going by historical records, this will be quick. Nobody knows the real effects because Homo sapiens wasn’t around on the last one?

If this is the century that this ‘well overdue’ and ‘dramatic’ natural cycle occurs in, then we could be in for a rough ride as computer model predictions show that it will take at least 2,000 years for the new magnetic field to stabilise. A precarious time for life on Earth on many levels.

These strange anomalies emitted from the centre of the world have considerable implications for Earth’s protective envelope within deep space and may run in parallel with the planets mass extinction events.

Are these the pains of a Mother Earth giving birth to a new cycle of life and painful renewal that ironically led our development as a species in the distant past?

Always factor 50

You already know by now that making bad decisions when it comes to sun protection can be life-threatening, but few people realise that these current Earth changes can increase our exposure to daily space weather.

This situation becomes even more of a problem as populations of fair skin Northern Europeans jet off to far-flung corners of this dynamically changing Earth.

The current solar cycle of high activity with M and X class flares is working alongside a much weaker magnetic shield than in the past, and this can also show by the northern lights witnessed at much lower latitudes than previous years.

The magnetosphere is the region that extends several tens of thousands of kilometres into space and redirects charged particles from the solar wind and cosmic rays away, and that would otherwise strip away the upper atmosphere, including the Ozone layers. Rates of skin cancers are rising in the regions of South America where the Ozone hole is widening.

This three-pronged cosmic attack with increased amounts of bombarding cosmic radiation and charged particles reaching the Earth’s surface may be good news for solar panels on our roofs, but not so good on our sensitive northern European skin types.

Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen’ song has many words of inspiration for life in the modern world, unbeknown to him; it will increasingly become an essential ingredient for survival on a dynamically changing planet.

The sun’s activity is also increasing, and I believe the current UV (ultraviolet) predictions should even run alongside daily projections of the earth’s geomagnetic field shield strengths and weaknesses. UV exposure comes with its risks, but additional electromagnetic weakness reports should be reported daily too.

I began this by stating we may be the first humans to witness a pole shift on this planet, but many people are starting to wonder whether ‘the great flood’ as described by all ancient cultures across the world, may have been a residual memory of a pole shift event.

Lest we forget, that science still cannot explain gravity and especially gravity’s interaction with electromagnetism. The sea’s and oceans and large bodies of water may well be affected by a sudden magnetic tug.

What all this means for our modern civilisation is unsure, but what it is that it isn’t going to be boring to live through these exciting times. Reports of the northern lights increasingly being seen in more southerly latitudes may just be a reminder of what’s to come.

For those who underestimate the awesome power of nature. At least trust me on the sunscreen.

You know who you are.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-06-16
Founder of Power My Home.