PV solar panels and our civilisation

“Hundreds of years in the future, the oil industry will be no more than a small industry supplying lubrication products and the thought of burning it for energy will be viewed as neanderthal.”

Ensuring your children’s survival once involved appeasing the sun gods. Humanity once again needs to worship the sun.

Ensuring your children’s survival once involved appeasing the sun gods. Humanity once again needs to worship the sun.

The baby steps towards this worldview have already begun, and the oil industry has used and continue to use every dirty trick in the book to prevent this timeline from occurring.

Wrestling the power that the traditional energy industry holds over us, will be like wrestling a dangerous object from a belligerent toddler – a necessary, but a painful procedure.

As long as we’re all viewed as cash cows, then our civilisation cannot progress away from fossil fuels. Unfortunately, one day it’ll be taken away from us by its finite nature with the equally ecological severe problems that are already affecting the world’s ability to feed itself.

At the turn of this century, the big fix spouted by world leaders for global heating was technology. At that time it seemed like a crazy notion to fix ecological problems caused by technology by producing yet more technology. Today, however, it doesn’t seem so nonsensical if solar technology becomes an integral part of our lives.

Even as I write this today, my solar-powered helicopter toy is working happily on a grey and overcast day. This technology is the key, as the time-old myth that you need brilliant sunshine to produce energy from solar panels is put to bed forever and the reality that even in the UK, solar panels work brilliantly well as any adopter will tell you.

Whether you believe it or not, your opinions have been manipulated by the energy industry. What has happened to our societal sense of common decency? The power of our Roman based civilisation once held by popes now belongs to a few influential people who have interests in keeping you sucking on their costly quarterly bills.

The truth is that our galaxy is solar-powered, life on earth and even the human condition, powered by the sun, so it will probably come as no surprise that the future of powering our ailing civilisation will be photovoltaic solar-powered too.

Solar panels in the UK are a new phenomenon, but the potential of this technology to change the world, cannot be understated. This website aims to help those wanting to invest in solar technology and marry them with those who want to help drive it forward in the 21st-century.

And let’s be brutally honest! Those religious fanatics in the Middle East will already be plotting to target your comfortable lifestyle and bring down our the modern world.

PV solar panel technology is not about fashion, it’s about survival – Sir Norman Foster.

Remembering why we worshipped the sun

We need a reminder every day that humanity can achieve extraordinary things. Well done to the teams of scientists that are currently bringing the mysteries of our outer solar system to life.

We also need reminding that if the financial bottom line were our only concern, then none of the great architectural wonders of the world would have sprung into existence.

Visionary leaps of faith seem preposterous at first, and I’m sure the pyramid builders once scratched their heads looked down at papyrus blueprints while sucking air through their teeth. However, people came together, pooled resources and just got on with the job.

Just clearing the sand to make way for the foundations must have seemed like a Herculean task. This position is where we are today, in our solar industry. A small number of cosmic visionaries have now prepared the ground for a solar-integrated civilisation to emerge from this current hostile environment that we today call our petrochemical society.

Individuals built the pyramids, one block at a time and so our PV solar-powered future will be created, one household at a time too. Your gift toward this vision doesn’t have to involve blood, sweat and tears; those previous civilisations once built upon. It merely consists in seeing for yourself the benefits that PV solar panels bring to your long-term wealth, seeing for yourself the power-generated throughout the four seasons and most importantly the pride felt from having this technology installed on your roof.

One-by-one our block-by-block, the fruits of our combined efforts will see the emergence of something great and a gift of energy security that will last long after our demise. As one customer interestingly put it, “I want my grandchildren to know that granny did something!”.

The people of Egypt and the other pyramid builders from every corner of the globe weren’t toiling for their kings or political leaders (note the absence of decorative hieroglyphics). They came together to appease their sun gods whom they thought in those times would ensure crop success – long into the future.

They toiled to produce a very permanent structure, not for their Pharaoh’s ego, but build a secure future as they saw it. Today, we have lost that attachment to the natural world and the earth is entering into a fever state!

A global effort to ensure our future survival is now required by individuals who can combine efforts. This solar-powered century will be a legacy that our generation will remember. Alternatively, we condemn our children to fighting global wars for the last remaining barrels.

If pre-historic stone-cutters could see generations into the future, then why can’t we?

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-08-19