PV solar panels and civilisation

The oil industry will be nothing more than a niche lubrication industry.

PV solar panel costs and prices.

Baby steps towards this worldview have already begun.

Wrestling that power from a belligerent toddler is necessary, but a painful procedure.

That pain will be felt at the petrol station and in household energy expenditure!

As long as we’re all viewed as cash cows, then our civilisation cannot progress.

Fixing ecological problems caused by technology by producing yet more technology?

Today, PV solar technology is becoming an integral part of modern life.

Even as I write, my own photovoltaic solar panels are working happily on a partly overcast day.

PV systems are the key, as the time-old myth that you need perfect sunshine to produce power is put to bed forever!

Even in the UK’s climate, modern solar panels work brilliantly and surprisingly to most – throughout the seasons.

Sadly, opinions have been manipulated by the energy industry to prevent self-generation independence.

Influential people with interests in keeping you suckling on their costly bills.

The truth is that our galaxy is solar-powered, life on planet Earth is powered by the sun, so it’s no surprise that the future of powering your home will be solar-powered too.

Solar panels in the UK are a new phenomenon, but the potential to change the world, cannot be understated.

Help drive your future forward with battery storage, tank heating, and EV-charging capabilities.

PV solar panel technology is cool, but its not about fashion, it’s about survival – Sir Norman Foster.

Humanity can achieve extraordinary things, and that includes finding new ways to exploit the power of the sun.

Visionary leaps of faith seem preposterous at first, as installing solar panels was for many in previous years!

Today, many pioneering visionaries have prepared the ground for a solar-integrated civilisation.

It consists of seeing yourself as a beneficiary of PV solar panels to preserve your income from the petrochemical industry. The pride felt from having this technology installed is inevitable.

As one customer interestingly put it, “I want my grandchildren to know that granny did something”.

Philosophically, there is a growing army of pioneers, worshipping the modern sun god for preserving financial gain.

This solar-powered century will be a legacy that our generation will leave behind.

And, simply by keeping our bills down by self-generating.

Stuart Lovatt 2015-08-19