PV solar panels in a hostile environment

As engineers warn of an energy crisis; as all-important power station decommissioning dates is kicked further down the road and foreign policies that look more like the opening scenes of an apocalyptic movie.

Relying on the establishment to heat and power our lives is increasingly beginning to look foolish!

PV (photovoltaic) solar panel technology has pioneered the road forward for humans within hostile environments since the 1950s.

The first steps into space, exploring the fringes of the solar system and keeping those rovers studying well over a decade beyond their expected lifespan.

Technology has the power to enslave and liberate us in equal measures. Today, solar panels are a real symbol of the latter, and that’s why it now finds itself up against powerful enemies.

Chancellor George ‘green crap’ Osborne and his corporate chums may have done their level best to stop solar’s adoption in its tracks (in this country anyway), but progress cannot be stopped and seems to have created a new solar industry.

“Not because it is easy, but because it is hard” was said because of the engineering and political hurdles. Solar technology has similar difficulties, but the biggest being political.

We may have powerful enemies, but we also have powerful allies. The final story of solar’s rise will be one of good versus evil. The power of the many versus the greed of a few.

Our world is currently awash with cheap oil because oil-producing nations are running scared of the worldwide deployment of alternative technologies and how it affects them more long-term.

In our own country, governments and their policies come and go. However, the need for a cleaner, cheaper ways of producing our energy independently become more apparent each year.

The solar industry is currently adapting to a hostile environment that was suddenly thrust upon it. The first Tesla battery power wall was installed in Wales while other manufacturers are bringing their battery storage systems to market too.

Real energy independence is on the horizon. No more at the mercy of global wholesale fuel and the energy companies. Today’s smart solar adopter is reducing reliance on politicians from abroad and at home.

That’s why I’m personally passionate about technologies that are changing families longer-term financial outlooks. £1,200 average per year for heating and powering our home’s is a ridiculous amount of money.

Producing a cleaner world will be a by-product of this energy revolution. Today’s renewable technologies are already producing tomorrow’s renewable technologies. Wrap your head around that!

Today’s solar industry can tailor system sizes to allow people to produce what they use, rather than the traditional ‘exporting to the grid’ model. Releasing households from the dependency of costly grid-based power are now paramount.

This type of deployment gives more affordability to more people as smaller 1,2,3 kW sized system installations will be more popular in the coming years. We’re not just saving the planet; we’re saving money and ‘saving face’ for UK PLC. All a case of positive unintended consequences.

All this alongside a new era of EV (electric vehicle) charging capabilities too. The time of ‘self-consumption’ generation and ‘solar storage’ is upon us. We now have the technological ability to produce free hot water, free space heating, free electricity and free road miles from the car – all powered by the nuclear reactor in the sky.

Additionally, today I have learned that even thermodynamic solar panels today have become accredited and this for me underlines the incredible changes that are evolving our beloved industry, despite political blundering.

All this is arriving at a critical point in the history of our civilisation.

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and it is this that is fueling the global uptake of solar panels growing exponentially year on year. Today the UK has broken through the 10 GW capacity barrier and climbing.

The current crop of politicians with their family’s fossil fuel interests who don’t want us independently producing our power.

However, the global march of technological progress rings louder.

It’s an exciting time to be alive again.

Break free.

Not because it is easy, but because it is hard

Like solar panels, today, space exploration and the technological advancements that came from PV couldn’t progress before Kennedy’s famous Moon speech.

The global race toward alternative technology domination has begun, yet political self-interest here in the UK has attempted to delay the inevitable.

If you ever want proof that unwanted political influence is alive and well, then just type ‘conservatives are’ into the world’s best search engine.

Do the same for the other political parties and the reality of what is occurring with the autocomplete system should become clear.

This political influence with freedom of information or the dark art of propaganda is subtle but apparent.

Sadly, despite this “Greenest Government Ever”, who have done their best to destroy the green economy; not even they can prevent the tide of technological progress.

Trying to kill off the green economy just as the rest of the world ramp-up, can only be viewed as stupidity on a biblical-scale especially when considered alongside the deteriorating climate.

Everyone generating electricity for themselves goes against the ongoing program of social control and the eroding of freedoms and liberties that have occurred over the last decade.

The popularity and take-up rates of PV solar panels over the last few years shook the traditional energy industry to its core. Suddenly, their power and profits were under long-term threat of ‘free’ energy technologies.

Today technological progress marches on, despite this hostile government and their corporate masters.

As we now know today how tobacco companies deliberately hid the facts of their cancer-causing sticks and similarly how oil companies deliberately attempted to deceive us about the true impact that their products have on the planet – so too will the story of solar technologies battle against common sense be known.

History too will show the lengths self-serving politicians went to prevent an energy revolution at this critical point in Earth’s history.

You only find out who’s truly on your side when times get tough. The same will be true with solar panels as we step into a new brave new solar-powered and energy-independent future.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-02-19
Founder of Power My Home.