Monocrystalline PV solar panels

Monocrystalline PV solar panels (photovoltaic) will still be generating once the long-abandoned fracking fields and the associated toxicity has leaked into our seas when our children are our age now.

Solar panels in the UK are fantastic at what they do, and just like the organic food industry; have many corporate enemies who don’t want us all less dependent on them. The solar and organic food industries have so many things in common, and both agree that government policy today is dictated by corporations and not common sense or acting in the people’s best interest.

Putting the obvious aside, I will concede that changes to the photovoltaic incentives recently; have been unhelpful but required. The feed-in tariff was initially designed to incentivise individual households, but a technical loophole allowed companies to profit instead. This loophole should have closed years ago, but the ultimate downside of all this meant the funding for tariffs was always perpendicular. Instead of the slow and steady uptake; as was intended, the ‘solar gold rush’ began and was in the end – unsustainable.

A real downside to the ‘dash for feed-in tariff cash’ was the amount of miss-selling, over-pricing and dishonest sales tactics. This shambles harmed the UK solar industry and for the hundreds of ethical installers who do things correctly; a sigh of relief now envelops the sector.

There will be a few companies that remain and will try to convince customers to pay £10,000 for a battery storage system, but educating people that this type of solar-powered system is not yet ripe can hopefully reduce its impact.

Our new Monocrystalline industry will prevail. Just like the early organic food industry that suffered much in its infant years through similar misselling practices, over-pricing, and corporate bullying, but now stands tall and has found its place in the world and now grows year on year – organically.

We have the good people at RECC who have been inundated with the issues resulting from the last few years. They work tirelessly drudging through red tape like an organic farmer drudge through the mud. They too deserve recognition for helping to bring some order to what had been the solar industries ‘wild west times’.

RECC is our Soil Association who brings standards to the organic industry for the betterment of all within.

For those considering installing PV solar panels today, your foresightedness and educating yourself before committing to a company will hold you in good stead. People who teach themselves, rarely encounter problems because it is ignorance that wicked solar enterprises prayed on.

Heat my Home was developed as a research tool long before the incentive schemes ever conceived and I’m proud of the ethical installers here who have contributed and helped many thousands of British people save many millions of pounds with their extensive technical knowledge and goodwill. We desire to offer solar technology as a real alternative to the current corporate energy system, its lifespan and longevity are its zeal, which can help us create demand and follow the organic foods industry’s example.

The vast proportion of people will always want the cheapest with little or no regard to the ingredients, but many don’t want to feed their children GMO’s, pesticides, chemically forced or weed killer soaked foods. Most people don’t care who powers their lifestyles, but many people do and hate fracking, Middle East Conflict, and industrialisation dangers of drilling in the Arctic regions.

Solar panel technology can be a real alternative and active protest for families.

There is a mass awakening happening across the globe. People are becoming less ignorant of the manipulation that has occurred by the integrated media, government, and corporate relationships. People are finally seeing for themselves the issues with the climate, despite decades of denial and manipulation by the energy companies – the safety of fracking is no different. We are no longer selling solar panels to people who expect to be rewarded but are selling to people who want to reduce dependence on an energy system that doesn’t care for them or the planet that their children will inherit.

These people transit their children in Chelsea tractors to protect their little darlings. The same people who spend extra on organic food to avoid the mass-produced, low nutrition and chemically fertilised food. A growing number of people avoid mainstream news sources because they know the corporations control them. People who know that investments in stocks and shares are a fool’s game and people who are sick of Middle Eastern conflicts caused by oil. These people are also sick of corporations deliberately force-feeding their children energy drinks, gambling, and borrowing money at high APR rates.

Our new organic solar panel industry is going to grow year on year as increasing numbers of intelligent people choose alternatives to the corporate force-fed marketing that now encroach on every level of modern life. Longer-term, oil prices will begin to rise again steeply year on year as Saudi Arabia’s goal to eliminate its competitors comes to fruition. Well, you didn’t think oil prices were going to stay low forever – did you?

Reducing individual dependence on the current energy system that negatively impacts so many was never going to be easy, but there is enough desire for change out there! The need for PV solar panels hasn’t disappeared even though the financial incentive has and it’s the desire for independence that will now drive the industry forward.

A new vision, new affordability, and a new industry

A new improved solar industry comes with a new Modus operandi.

Living in a short-sighted country, it’s not hard to see the advantage solar panel technology has over its short-termism fracking competitor. When I tell people the lifespan of a photovoltaic system, they just can’t get their heads around how amazing that is.

In a world where you’re lucky if your washing machine lasts five years, people have got used to the short-termism of conventional technology and the planned obsolescence that deliberately infects our modern world. Affordability is the new key to growth, and as a new organic PV solar industry, we need to help provide this to a new breed of solar pioneers.

Gone are the days of one size fits all. A four kW is excellent when you’re generating for the National Grid, but not necessary when you’re just providing for your own family’s needs – and that’s the key to affordability in our new industry.

Making solar panels affordable to more people involve selling them differently. A more bespoke, more tailored approach to solar panel installations is required. Selling more one, two, three kW sized systems, based upon each household consumption rate. Suddenly, the gates to solar panels and affordability, open up to more people. In fact, I would argue that the sales tactics that came with the relentless pushing of 4kW sized systems over the last five years had put more people off the idea of adopting solar panels than who did adopt!

I will be adopting this new organic approach when talking to people about PV solar panels in the future – I hope you do too. Welcome to our new organic solar industry.

Stuart Lovatt 2016-01-13