Time for PV solar panels is now

“The UK government’s efforts to kill off the PV (photovoltaic) solar industry and lead us to a fracking hellish future has begun. Regressive greed-based policies have replaced progression toward giving people a choice to produce their own clean, affordable energy.”

Taking away PV-power from the people and handing it back to the big energy firms.

Taking away PV-power from the people and handing it back to the big energy firms.

Cuts by the government to support PV solar technology will take away power from people and be handing it back to big energy firms who have been secretly lobbying to prevent alternative energy taking off.

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We are now finding that there was never any sound long-term strategy where global economies are concerned. Those cheap toasters from China that so many people rejoiced about pre-credit crunch, came with a huge price tag!

The same is true with our energy policies too; as the rate of diminishing returns state. A basic principle, which our current crop of politicians either doesn’t understand or more likely choose to ignore for their short-term greed!

Unfortunately, this shortsightedness isn’t restricted to politicians with their biased agendas – Mr Osborne, but the whole global financial system that we all depend upon for our modern lives. The utter failure of the capitalist system that is being dubiously held together by a dangerous and failing petrodollar system is already wobbling.

Irrational tyrants rule the petrodollar system, both at home and abroad, and their greed is now allowing our civilisation and the planet to burn. Naturally, because they don’t want their ‘cash cows’ producing their own energy.

Many countries have seen the writing on the wall and have made giant steps toward advancing their alternative technology capabilities. However, greed is now beginning to hold back this much needed to progress here in the UK.

Our ministers are looking increasingly out of step. “From Kenya to Denmark the world is reaping the benefits of solar panels, except our UK politicians who are now deliberately attempting to trip up our homegrown industry just as, grid-parity is within sight.

This Government is saying yes to fracking, yes to fossil fuels, yes to nuclear, despite Fukushima – no matter how much it costs the public and no matter the scale of the risks while rubbishing alternative technologies. Just because our ‘privatised’ energy industry doesn’t want you to have a de-centralised system, doesn’t mean it’s not achievable.

Despite the anti-solar misinformation against the feed-in tariffs by newspaper owners who have financial interests in traditional energy companies. The truth is, they only add £7 to the average annual household energy bill, which nowadays comes in at over £1200 and rising because of our sole dependence on fossil fuels. Peanuts for a progressive nation!

Cutting back hard on alternative energy subsidies that would have reduced gradually and will be unnecessary five years from now, while continuing to issue blank cheques for nuclear and fracking that will continually rely on larger amounts of subsidies forever – is political stupidity on a biblical scale.

Our reliance on fossil fuels has left us with no wriggle room and caused a migration crisis on a biblical scale too.

We foolishly trusted successive governments to ensure our national interests, but as we can see, advancement in a much-needed ‘energy mix’ system will be stamped out at any cost.

Gambling on our nation’s future

Progression and regression seem to be like waves on the beach for human history. A tale of forwarding advancements, then an unseen and un-understood force drags humanity back to darker times. I suspect this force is greed!

We may find the road to be much shorter without PV solar panels.

We may find the road to be much shorter without solar panels.

Despite the known dangers, we are now heading down a path toward fracking at all costs. A path that will take the modern world down a cul-de-sac.

Fracking in the US is already failing because of its high costs of production and its limited applications. China’s ailing economy will bring down the world oil prices to all-time lows, and thus fracking companies are already beginning to abandon their financially un-viable wells.

For a short time there in our modern history, we have the chance to build a new alternative technological age and move away from burning stuff for energy. We should have been transitioning to alternative technologies while the sun-shined. But greed got in the way!

For a fleeting moment, we had a chance to build a PV-powered highway to the future and maintain it. Solar panels on every available building is not a fairy tale wish, but a necessity for keeping the lights on.

The lights are already being turned off by councils around the country, so it’s argued that the slow strangulation of our civilisation has already begun. Having solar panels on your team doesn’t seem such a bad idea now?

PV Solar technologies time has come, but greed is blinding our leaders’ perception and taking us down a road with no reverse gear. The smart money would at least hedge their bets on both and not gamble a nation’s future on one.

Get them while they’re hot, folks!


"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-09-02