Self-generating with PV solar panels

The UK government’s efforts to kill off the PV (photovoltaic) solar industry were unsuccessful.

Why buy PV solar panels in the UK?

Deliberate cuts to support PV solar adoption were to take away power from the people.

Literally, handing it back to lobbying big energy firms!

We’re finding that there were never any long-term strategies.

Those cheap toasters from China came with a huge price tag!

The same is true with our energy policies as the rate of diminishing returns states.

Unfortunately, this shortsightedness isn’t restricted to politicians with their corrupt agendas.

A failure of the capitalist system that’s dubiously held together by a failing petrodollar system.

Naturally, they didn’t want their cash cows self-generating.

Other countries made giant steps toward advancing their own PV technology capabilities.

Sadly, greed attempted to hold back this much-needed progress in the UK.

Our own ministers are looking increasingly out of lockstep.

From Kenya to Denmark, the world is reaping the benefits of photovoltaic solar panels, except our UK politicians deliberately attempted to disrupt our homegrown industry.

And, just as, grid-parity was within sight!

Simply, energy suppliers didn’t want you enjoying the benefits of an independence-generating system.

Despite many years of media misinformation against PV solar panels by media owners who have traditional energy portfolios.

The truth is, on average £1400 and rising annual energy costs and sole dependence on fossil fuels is PV’s best advocate.

Political corruption is on a biblical scale nowadays!

We foolishly trusted successive governments to ensure national interests, but they sold us out to international criminals!

Progression and regression seem to be like waves on the beach in human history.

Self-generating your own power is a force that projects humanity into brighter times.

You have the chance to build a personal technological age and independence age.

Transitioning to alternative technologies such as battery storage, EV-charging, and PV-heating systems brings a whole new dimension to adopting PV.

Solar panels are not a fairy-tale, but a necessity in this new normal.

Having solar panels on your team doesn’t seem such a bad idea now.

Get them while they’re hot, folks!

"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-09-02