Real independence in a post Brexit world

For those that don’t remember a time before the internet, then you will never understand the hold that ‘the newspapers’ had over normal people. How they think, how they buy and how they vote.

Are you sure your views are your own?

Are you sure your views are your own?

Want to know the real reason Britain is now out of the EU?

The bare naked ugly truth is in Rupert Murdoch’s own words:

“When I go to Downing Street, they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice!

And there’s the crux!

Not coincidentally, the go-ahead for fracking in North of England occurred during the distraction of the EU debacle. This era isn’t the heralding of an energy revolution, but the conquering of the Northern Tribes.

Britain is changing, but yet again, only for the benefit of a few and what certainly won’t change is your families, increasing energy costs as reliance on fossil fuels is a policy of an ever-decreasing circle.

Whereas ever-increasing take-up of alternative energy technologies has the opposite effect of increasing energy independence, improving people’s disposable incomes and invigorating personal, local and international economies.

Not suffocating it – as is occurring today.

As the rest of the world turns toward alternative energy technology advancements, Murdoch controlled Terror-tories (pun intended) such as the US, UK and Australia push increasingly toward fracking for no other reason than it can be metered and profited.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that those same countries have government policies that are actively holding back the progress of clean energy technologies such as solar panels because ‘free energy’ isn’t metered!

The real power and that that our Prime Ministers are afraid of should now be obvious to anyone now we have accidentally stumbled away from the EU. No beneficial change can ever come to the United Kingdom unless self-serving and mind-controlling media owners are kicked out for good in this new New Britain we now find ourselves in.

Let the real achievement of Brexit be the unshackling of our minds from these people who hide behind news editors, but pull strings, interfere politically and ultimately control our Prime Ministers.

Brexit was a protest vote by those who didn’t understand that the people behind the headlines were manipulating them for their gain. These power-games are making Britain a laughing stock around the world. How can we be taken seriously in a post-Brexit world when everyone else knows who The Queen and our Prime Minister suck it too!

When The Sun newspaper came out with the headline “Independence Day”, we were actually being mocked! Real independence for broken Britain can only come from removing majority of shareholding newspaper owners.

Actual and real independence in this great ‘new’ Britain can only come from unshackling your family from the burden of ever-increasing energy costs with technology such as PV solar panels. Increasing your disposable income and decreasing dependence for the next thirty years is real independence.

As the fracking companies move-in to carve up the Northern counties, expect to see “too cheap to meter” headlines similar to that from the 1950s Nuclear age. Unlike our grandparents’ generation, we now know the negative consequences of that nuclear age as we do today with fracking!

These people who use their influence to attack clean energy have been shown to have a huge ‘conflict of interest’ issues.

Newspaper owners with financial ties to dirty energy had conflicting agendas with 21st-century logic and viewed as treasonous in a post-Brexit world.

Real independence can only come from unshackling British minds from such people with too much influence.

How the world’s news barons let the world burn

Today’s Emperors don’t parade around the streets in golden carriages – they hide behind newspaper ownership.

The bare naked ugly truth is that our species has known about the problem of human-made global warming since at least the early 1950s, yet media barons old and new have held a policy of ‘denial at all cost’ for over seventy years now.

In fact, I would go as far as to say, government old and new have allowed the power of these individuals to grow exponentially because they were assisting in their policy of keeping the general population indoctrinated.

I’ll repeat it; you will never understand the hold that ‘the newspapers’ had over normal people’s right up to the present day. How they think, how they buy and how they vote.

This corrupt system shifted the balance of power toward the newspaper owners who could (and apparently do) threaten government ministers and Prime Ministers up to the present day.

We need to see the last vestiges of that grip over so many minds with newspapers who have published abhorrent lies and misinformation.

If the EU referendum has taught us anything, it’s how powerful news barons personal agendas can influence so many of the population. However, ‘majority share-holding’ news owners can now be excluded in our new Britain.

The lies peddled to convince the world that global warming wasn’t occurring has finally come to an end, but the propaganda to keep the world burning dirty fuels – has not!

The actual truth today is:

31 scientific bodies tell US Congress: Man-made global warming is real.

Evidence has been mounting since 1952 with even Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s being fully aware of its existence and its likely outcome for people in the future (that’s us).

For the last of the sceptics remaining in today’s population.

Any system can take some punishment, but only so much.

You drink a beer a week, the body copes.

You drink a beer a day, the body copes.

You drink five beers a day, in 5-10 years you get liver damage.

We chuck crap in the atmosphere; it can cope to a point and then it cannot compensate anymore and builds up over time, especially when we keep increasing deforestation rates alongside.

The propaganda machine changed the term “global warming” to “climate change” to make it sound less dangerous to the general population.

The problem of ‘global warming’ is not actually ‘the crap we chuck in the atmosphere’, it’s the news barons with their ‘conflict of interests’ and our subservient politicians who are still kicking this ‘toxic can’ down the road.

Independence day for Britain has to include reform of newspaper ownership and breaking the power that holds our leaders by their proverbial balls.

Only then can we British begin to lead the world once more in clean energy technologies, and we can indeed hold our heads up high again.

Mrs May, those proverbial balls are now in your court!

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-07-17
Founder of Power My Home.