Generations of electricity and poor health

I can pinpoint the exact moment in time when health issues associated with modern living began and its wholly associated with electricity generation.

Question everything.

Question everything.

In 1882 Thomas Edison helped construct the first power station in New York, and the modern era began.

Human beings went from burning wood to electricity for illumination and heating.

Within a few short decades, a long-held tradition of using ‘wood ash’ to fertilise crops was extinguished and the 90 essential nutrients that growing food with ‘nutrient-rich’ wood ash was lost forever.

The ‘centralised’ model for electricity generation and modern farming killed off one of humanity’s most important symbiotic relationships with the natural world.

Nature’s fires reinvigorate life in the forest. This process didn’t go unnoticed to our ancestors and so using ‘wood ash’ to help crops grow became a must for tens and thousands of years.

Then in one of humanity’s ‘own goal’ moments, we very quickly adopted Edison’s new technologies and ultimately lost the aeon’s worth of old knowledge about the benefits of natural nutrients in our food.

Very quickly, the industrial age took over and alongside chlorination in the national drinking water, waterborne diseases were eradicated and the population explosion of the 20th-century began.

The old knowledge of ‘wood ash’ was quickly forgotten and the industrial-scale farms used modern fertilisers that only now food-savvy people are just grasping the real impact on our collective health.

Many readers will think that humans have a life expectancy far longer than ever. Yes, I would say, but we live longer thanks to clean water, but those extra years come with decades of ‘pill-popping’ to treat the symptoms of a nutrient-deficient diet.

Even the healthiest of eaters cannot get enough nutrients by relying solely on modern farming practices.

With the advent of electricity generation, people forgot a vital tradition, and the pharmaceutical industry has been more than willing to profit from the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies ever since.

Vegetables that we ingest contain a whole array of different nutrients to thrive. However, modern farming practices, only use Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Sulphur (S), Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium – high if you’re a plant.

Not great if you’re a more complicated human being requiring more complex nutritional needs!

They need to recognise that our health has deteriorated in the modern age, but yes, people died of disease and pestilence in bygone years, but you should understand that is an entirely different issue of hygiene, waterborne disease and lack antibiotics.

Today, we have the benefits of clean water, antibiotics, dentists and more hygienic living that produced the longest living humans that ever existed. Most do so with decades of ill health caused by nutritionally deficient food.

Acknowledging that our bodies are complex biological furnaces and require a full spectrum of chemical elements to burn efficiently could turn the pharmaceutical industry upside down. Yes, your body is nothing more than an artificial furnace that supplies the body’s cells with complex chemistry and doesn’t need or desire the sticking plaster remedies that most medications offer.

Can we now begin to acknowledge the importance of farming practices and the effects that came with the removal of more complex nutrients from the soil that our food grows?

It was only less than a century ago that real people used Uranium as a colour enhancer within pottery! At exactly the same time; the food being served on those irradiated plates was being denied the nutritional content because of their ‘new and exciting’ illumination technology.

Additionally, corporate food manufacturers today are attempting to hide their GMO ingredients. Our supermarkets only give ‘special offers’ on food that is cheap (for a reason), heavily processed, while mega corporations are now attempting to take full control the world’s ‘seed supply’.

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to an profoundly sick society, and if you are afraid to act against corporate tyranny, then you are already a slave.

They rubbed poison on their teeth

The mouth is where the tyres meet the road; where the inside met the outside and was the bacterial world persist in trying to invade our bodies, so you can understand why rubbing poison on our gums may have seemed like a good idea at the time.

Sodium Fluoride is a poison.

Fluoride is a poison.

However, I used to rinse religiously, brush, rub sodium fluoride in my earlier years and it made little difference to my gum health or my increasing filling to tooth ratio.

So in my view, the modern pharmaceutical industry has failed to live up to its healthy teeth and gums promises; as advertised on TV.

So on the principle that we have lost knowledge along the way, I got thinking about how the ancient people dealt with oral hygiene and the answer was so simple it couldn’t be right!

Today, salt is sold for a pittance, but in ancient times; salt was deemed essential and expensive. So much so that Roman soldiers were paid in salt and it was used to ward off evil spirits that they thought caused the poor health.

Today, as any Doctor will testify, poor health almost always follows from long-term oral health issues, so our ancestors knew that salt was essential for staying healthy.

Salt on your gums helps reduce swelling of the gum tissues and today I can report that my gums have never felt this healthy before; by merely using saltwater that tastes like eating ‘ready salted’ crisps.

No wonder the toothpaste industry don’t want everyone to know how cheaply oral health could be. Future people will chuckle how daft we were for rubbing poison into our gums.

The need to profit from oral health has had the reverse effect – I now realise!

Question everything; even something as simple as toothpaste, for all truth passes through three stages. First, ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it’s accepted as being self-evident.

Be that guy.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-09-28
Founder of Power My Home.