A time for PV solar panels

The benefits of installing solar panels exceed the reasons to not. This statement came from a contributing professional within our forum. The question: “are solar panels worth it” is settled. This common question gets asked less frequently with every passing year. Today’s Generation Tariff scheme with reducing the ability to decline a solar panel installation today.

This also strengthens the argument that installing sooner rather than later, will gain you maximum return on investment. Heating and powering the homes take on a whole new aspect with battery storage alongside export tariffs.

We’re now at a crossroads, where the rising costs of energy expenditure, intersects with the ability to self-generate. A powerful argument for buying photovoltaic solar panels today. Switch sites can only ‘fix’ rates for a maximum of eighteen months at best.

Just the electricity savings for the next twenty years will pay for your PV system. Yes, twenty to thirty years of free electricity, tank heating, nighttime power, surplus cheques, and EV-charging. The take-up of solar panel technology is on the rise, not only nationally, but globally.

Increased demand for solar panels has already reduced installation costs. The ‘penny has finally dropped, and homeowners can now see. A new breed of self-generation is emerging to complement your modern lifestyle. The beauty of a PV system.

The need to find alternative ways to buffer from 21st-century energy costs. Modern PV solar panels can be easily accommodated on otherwise wasted roof space. The argument for and against an installation is resolved.

A window of opportunity and a truly profound moment in our time.

Stuart Lovatt 2014-04-25