Charge your car with PV solar panels

We’ve always known the age of the oil-based economy was limited, but EV’s (electric vehicles) and PV solar’s (photovoltaic) time has finally arrived.

Nobody likes a bully.

Nobody likes a bully.

Austerity has brought the age of the ‘smarter’ consumer and with it comes the gradual progression toward less dependence on tyrants.

Oil-based companies and countries have lied, force their agenda’s on governments and frankly caused human misery on a biblical scale.

I feel sorry for these corporate bullies, and they’re hoarding affliction because they can never honestly find real joy or happiness in life, no matter how many zeros are in their offshore accounts.

For us standard types, something as simple as generating ‘free’ power to power our homes and charge our cars – can bring about real and measurable contentment.

It truly rocks your world when your small energy bills land and your transport fuel costs are zero.

Getting one over the corporate bullies is indescribable. Are you still tied into the matrix of dependence that has shackled our forebearers for nearly two centuries?

Solar panels on your home with the ability to charge your car with photovoltaics are the ultimate in liberation without taking your clothes off.

The most powerful people who continue to hinder human technological progress have hearts as black and thick as their bank accounts and will never feel the joy that comes with owning solar panels and gaining free energy that comes from the sun.

I’m proud to be part of this game-changing generation. We are the generation that finally broke free from the shackles of petroleum and the worldwide misery it causes.

Once the world turns its back on the petrol pumps, there will be no going back. And that’s why we are seeing a cheap oil ‘flood’ today. This tactic is a last-ditch attempt to stop the world turning to electric vehicles and alternative technologies.

The underdog now runs free.

Would sir/madam like PV with your EV?

How to disarm a bully – A story of how an underdog can change the world

“Dedicated to J & B. The person you want to be is still under construction and you always have the power to shape your future through passion.”

The motive of a bully is to spread the unhappiness that they feel deep down inside. Such people could grow-up without a mommy/daddy; maybe they have a family member who treats them poorly or just merely dislikes the person that stares back in the mirror.

Whatever the reason, and no matter how confident they seem, in-reality they feel sad inside and project that sadness outward through being nasty to others they seem to be easy targets.

There are two types of strength; physical and mental. Both can be improved, and both strengthened. To lift weights improve muscle strength, but to improve psychological confidence requires self-improvement and learning. That’s why individual countries deliberately dumb their populations down. You have the freedom to learn, and you should never take that for granted.

Billy the Kid, the most infamous gunslinger in the old west achieved the notoriety through hours and hours of target practice. You can’t go around shooting bullies today, but you can change bullets for insults and learn to shoot down their petty insults.

This view turns around the balance of power. No longer will you be viewed as an easy target and will find some other person whom they deem weak to soothe their internal self-loathing.

Your confidence will grow; when suddenly you see others laughing at the bully and all because you took his insult, spun it around, interjected your comedy and shot it back between their eyes!

And when suddenly, the bully finds everyone laughing at him instead of you – they will either back down to the sad little person that they feel inside!

Practice and practice and you will gradually feel yourself growing inside and ultimately your confidence. Bullies rarely try to pick on confident people.

Here’s some verbal ammunition to get you started:

  • When they installed your brain, they must have padded out your skull with cotton wool. There can be no other reason why you come across as so much of an airhead.
  • What’s that smell? Can anyone smell that poo that’s dribbling out of his mouth right now? You should see a doctor because that’s a symptom of poo for brains!
  • I can explain why you have the personality of a slug, but I can’t understand it for you.
  • All that makeup and dressing up may make you look pretty on the outside, but you’re obviously struggling to contain the grotesque, hideous creature that resides inside!
  • If you are going to call me gay, then everyone needs to know how enthusiastic you were asking your momma to put the fairy on your Christmas tree. How gay was that?
  • If you are going to call me a nerd that ‘actually’ means I’m smart, then that actually means you’re not.
  • If stupidity ever goes up in value, I’m going to license drilling rights to your head.

As my love for solar panels, I see tremendous potential in you. Potential to succeed and transform your world. As a species, we have taken a wrong turn in our technological development – caused by the greed of a few. In your personal growth will also encounter such people, but never lose sight of the road ahead, despite the distractions of a jealous few.

It takes a lot of something unexplained to see further down the road than everyone else, and it takes a lot to stand up for yourself and confront those that are much bigger than yourself. Solar technology has experienced this problem too, but this plucky enthusiastic industry will succeed eventually – just like you.

You are the creator of your destiny and with a mixture of hard work and enthusiasm; your future world will be far better than any digital world can offer.

As I hope I’ve proven today, even the biggest, yet the mightiest can and do fall from grace. Change is always around the next corner and always instigated through personal choice.

The world you see around you today; is not the world you will know when you’re my age today.

Similarly, the person you will be tomorrow; won’t be the person you think you are today.

I’m a real supporter of the underdog, but more importantly, I’m a supporter of you.

Have fun.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-02-05