PV solar panels are healthy for humanity

“The act of installing PV solar panels (photovoltaic) is just as important today, as ensuring safe drinking water was in our earlier history.”

Because I want my grandchildren to know granny did something.

Because I want my grandchildren to know granny did something.

In the 1920s, all drinking water began to be disinfected with chlorine. This single act of sanitation brought us the rising populations that gave us the modern world that we see today.

These well-defined moments in time seldom seen as such at that time, and the people in those grainy black and white films would never have known the consequences that their new safe and clean drinking water supply would have on the future.

Today, we have precisely the same problem with our dirty energy as they had with muddy water. Both issues are distinct for their time, but both kill millions of people each year either directly or indirectly. The road to clean energy is an integral part of our evolution as a species.

Historical breakthroughs can divide public opinion and water chlorination as solar panels today are no exception. Just imagine if the people of the 1920s had argued against chlorination because it cost too much!

The fallacious expense argument being pushed by ‘the greenest government ever’ is wrong on many levels. If that instance occurred with chlorination in the 1920s, then many of us wouldn’t exist today.

The motivation to improve one’s situation has been the defining characteristic of our civilisation. Unfortunately, this has come at a cost to the health of our planet. This unintended consequence of the modern world again begins encroach on our health.

The drive to increase cleaner generating technologies is essential and not a luxury.

As an example; 1 in every 68 kids in the US get autism today. (That’s an extinction-level event for the human race if it continues). It used to be 1 in every 10,000. But what’s even more worrying, is that nobody knows the cause. This outlook was a similar situation when cholera, dysentery, typhoid was less understood.

Many people are suspecting current vaccines, and personally speaking, I think overexposure to too many vaccines at such an early age is not a good idea – I digress.

The early adopters of solar panels in the UK are just like the pioneering people who embraced the smallpox vaccination, despite the naysayers of those times and while others looked on with scepticism, it brought early adopters an advantage over those that didn’t.

PV solar panel technology endures the same type of naysayers today, yet those households who do adopt will keep more of their income as rising energy costs over the next three decades. Our increasingly volatile world will see to that.

After your mortgage or rent, the next most significant expense is heating and powering your home. Foresighted families who reduce dependence today will be laughing all the way to the bank tomorrow.

Solar panels are healthier for family wealth and healthier for a planet, that now going into a fever like a state. The unintended consequence of clean water was a population explosion.

An intended consequence of global clean energy adoption will change the petrodollar landscape. That’s why our politician’s don’t want us in generating our power! Whatever your reason for installing solar panels, the rest of the world is driving forward with this technology as our UK politicians attempt to strangle it.

There are recognisable milestones in human development. But if you indeed open your eyes, you will see that the ruling class, under the instruction of foreign-owned energy firms, have attempted to slam the door shut on the British people un-tethering themselves from energy dependence.

Indeed open your eyes, and you will see they have put your children into financial bondage while removing the ability to build a clean energy future – just don’t expect mainstream news to tell you that!

Are we awake yet?

Why we installed solar technology?

I passionately sing the praises of PV solar panel technology because of the potential that this technology holds to change the world positively.

My new current saying;

“there’s nothing more powerful than a technology whose time has come”

, but in former times it used to be

“The fight for civilisation is won; The challenge of keeping it has just begun!”

. Says it all!

We asked 100 existing UK adopters. What was your motivation for installing solar panels?

We asked 100 existing UK adopters. What was your motivation for installing solar panels?

I have heard many varieties of reasons for installing; from teachers wanting to walk the walk, instead of talking the talk; to grandmother’s wanting to show her grandchildren that granny did something.

Interestingly, the most unusual reason I’ve heard from within the industry comes from an infamous glamorous celebrity who had a bespoke solar heating system installed – coloured Pink! Apparently, this person didn’t want the system running; it was just there for show. If this rumour is true, it gives a real insight into that soul.

What this demonstrates is that many of these people we take into our collective hearts have an entirely darker worldview than you may expect. Knowing who this person is me, faking to be ‘environmentally friendly’ fits right into their persona.

For those who have real PV solar panels in their homes, they can tell you about people who once mocked them, but they are no longer laughing now. The solar savvy currently sits comfortably in your solar-powered homes watching the geopolitical world events unfold.

Remember that feeling as a kid when you first got to show off your new bike to the other kids on the street (no, me neither), but apparently that is how being the first solar-powered house was best described to me.

Long-term dependence on dirty fuels may not be your best investment. In case you need more persuasion, then if your pension related to fossil fuel assets is heading downward. The current coal crash is just going to be the beginning.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-10-12