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Crazy is what crazy does

As a 20-something, fixing up 80s hot hatches dominated my world.

I owned cars well above my pay grade by fixing them up. I could easily pull out engines back then, even on mothers driveway. I was considered crazy at the time for seeing potential others couldn’t.

I spent a lot of time scavenging younger parts in scrap yards during that period of my life.

It was during the 1990s that solar panels first piqued my interest with a recently installed solar heating system that had been scrapped. The solar panel industry was more of a garden shed affair back then, and a scrap yard employee had plans to repair it and get himself a bargain.

Sadly, scrappage yards no longer allow people to hunt for parts anymore. Electric vehicle maintenance is restricted to eyewatering levels of cost at dealerships only, thus this new technology is getting scrapped very young too. Secondhand EVs are worthless after the first owner and reduced lifespan down to as little as 40,000 miles range.

“Have you been mis-sold an electric car?”, adverts are coming down the road.

These are significant changes in the push to remove private vehicle ownership by people with private jets. To understand the last few years, you must understand Ant colony management.

Interestingly, if you think you own your vehicle, then you do not. Car buyers become Registered Keepers only and not owners. This legal sleight of hand may be handy someday when Britain Corp’s Net Zero aspirations need a harder push.

However, The Keeper (not The Owner) is required to pay eyewatering scrappage costs when dealing with high-capacity batteries. Unprecedented in automotive history!

If the private jet owners manage to achieve their 16-minute habitation zone aspirations, supply lines will still require diesel engines for their nationwide network of ghettoized cities. Manufacturing bosses are already beginning to warn of supply chain threats.

This orchistrated rollout is what I call “The Magpie Trap”. Keeping up with the Joneses was used as a means to restrict future mobility. Those charge cards will very quickly become permission-based. Remember, you’ve signed an acknowledgment (V5C) of what your designation to the vehicle is.

A Sovereign Class and a Restricted Class of people have been the goal since at least the 1980s. To make it palatable, it needed dressing up in benign phrases and catchy wording while running alongside a fear-based campaign. Sounds all too familiar!

Shortening the working lifespan of new and secondhand vehicles is a major step toward removing private vehicle keepership. The health implications of sitting on extreme EMF-emitting batteries for extended periods have not yet become common knowledge – but will.

As a result, I decided to reuse my 1990s experience and rebuild the engine of a modest diesel for a friend. Yes, old age wisdom got the better of my inner petrolhead, because well-maintained diesel vehicles will be invaluable after the worldwide realisation occurs that EVs aren’t within range of Utopia, but the very opposite.

The electric vehicle dominoes are falling.

Cheaply does it!

I decided to get a real engine reconditioning expert with a superior reputation at great expense. Like installing solar panels, getting it wrong can be an expensive life lesson. He invited us to see the engine disassembled on the workbench in preparation for reskimming etc. Petrolheads will understand.

With the main lump done, I set out on a solo venture to renew ancillary parts such as pipes, sensors, regulators, etc. Here’s where the education begins. For original manufactured parts that I couldn’t source, I ended up buying parts on Amazon. Big mistake!

One part failed after only 2 weeks. Flooding the market with cheap planned obsolesce parts is another form of removing secondhand vehicles and the industry that supports them. I did eventually find an original German-manufactured part. I want to warn you that keeping well-maintained older vehicles rolling will be important in the future. Crazy eh?

Thankfully, enough people are aware of the true intent of Net Zero policies.

Demand for electric cars is drying up with huge scrap yards of unwanted EVs from China being stored in European ports. “Time for a rethink, says billionaire founder and Chairman of chemicals giant INEOS, Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Writing in the Telegraph, he stated the “notion of a quick transition away from petrol and diesel was always barmy.”

When will people ever learn to disregard the crazy ramblings of people in Westminster who serve other masters? I would extend that to malicious masters! In 2004, I stated, “The fight for civilisation is won; the challenge of keeping it has begun.” Today, even I’m shocked at how crazy their shenanigans have become.

If you wish to understand today’s world, first discover who coined the term “Rat Race” and what colours are mixed to produce “Green”.

We’ve arrived at a unique historical moment when we ‘do know’ what the private jet owners and their minions have been planning over the previous century. A worldwide realignment of who and what we perceive as good, bad, trustworthy and ‘convenient’ must dominate our world before the electronic Rat cage is slammed shut.

The electronic fence is a simple and effective tool to control the mobility of livestock.

Today, EV sales are flatlining alongside the carbon fraud being exposed. I’ve reiterated continually that I promote solar panel adoption for independence from the geopolitical stage. Yet, not all solar panel systems can give you this. Crazy, eh

New world savvy.

"I've witnessed many fantastic changes, innovations, and installation companies come and go. My fellowship with ethically-minded MCS solar panel installers goes back decades. Today, I offer my experience to ensure you gain real independence from this crazy geopolitical world."

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