Upgrading existing PV to Solar Edge inverter and optimisers?

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      Just had someone ask me if its worth upgrading their existing PV system to a Solar Edge inverters or micro optimisers system for £4,000. This is nuts!

      If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it springs to mind. Save yourself the thousands of pounds rather than chasing greater performance from your system.

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      If you have shading issues or want individual data coming from each panel, then yes Solar Edge inverters and optimisers are worth the extra you pay alongside the 20 years warranty. Retro-fitting to an existing system that works perfectly well to gain extra performance seems nuts!

      Although Solar Edge systems are great for monitoring individual panels, be wary of the claims of voltage optimisers devices and be very wary of the claims they will tell you about. The Solar Association ran a six month test and warned its members against selling them on the basis of any substantial savings. WHICH listed them as one of the five biggest wastes of money in saving energy.

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      I have written a more detailed article about upgrading to Solar Edge and voltage optimisers:

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