Triple-Split-Roof question for all you clever people

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    Hello Stuart and the ‘heatmyhome’ clever people

    I have a smallish due South facing roof (<20m squared) and an attached garage with East & West faces. Is it possible to have a system that uses the sun’s energy over all these surfaces, without the shaded East face for example pulling the system down in the afternoon?

    Is this the case for micro-inverters? If so, could I future-proof myself with an option for a sexy Tesla Powerwall sometime further down the road? Will it work with micro-inverters? or will it be DC to AC to DC conversion time?

    Sorry to be a bit thick, but the more I read up about this, the more I want to bang my head against a brick wall! And yes, I’ve fallen for the Tesla hype!

    Thanks everyone, I’ll look forward to your collective wisdom


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    Stuart Lovatt

    Hi Chris

    It’s amazing how many people say that they should have done it years ago and even more exciting now the new additional plugin technologies are available now like battery storage.

    Nothing wrong with east/west split roofs and yes micro-inverters are best for this type of set-up, such as split-roofs and shading issues that don’t have equal amounts of sunshine hitting all the panels at any given time.

    If you want install a basic PV system today, but intend to add further plugin technologies later, simply let your installers know your intentions. They can advise you from the start on optimal system types, sizes and may put the wiring in place for the battery system on install day, ready for when you’re ready.

    Hope this helps.

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