Is my house ideal for a solar electricity system?

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    Steve Swan

    I am in a home with only electric heating so is my house ideal for a solar electricity system?

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    First thing you’d need to check before you agree to anything is that your house will get a Band D rating needed to get the FIT tariff at the higher level.

    That can be difficult sometimes for houses heated by electric.

    The software used to produce Energy Certificates (rdSAP) hates electric as a means of heating a home as it’s the most expensive way.

    I installed one last week in Carluke off the gas grid with a wet electric heating system rating before solar was and F. To get to Band D she had to top up her loft insulation, fully install LED bulbs and fill her gable wall cavity and install solar. After all this had been done, she only just got to a Band D.

    Luckily I was able to get her a Green Homes Cashback grant to cover the costs.

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    Steve Swan

    Hi Norman. Our house is band E so will I have to get up to D before installing solar pv? The company’s that gave us the quotes never said there would be any problem getting the full feed-in tariff?

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    You won’t have to get to a band D before installing solar, but you will need to be a Band D when you submit your FIT application. A 4 KWP system adds between 9 and 17 points to your assessment depending on the aspect.

    If I were you I’d want to see a draft EPC before committing…..and a prospective EPC With the solar added just do you know. They don’t need to lodge the prospective one….but just produce a draft one so you can be sure.

    It’s what I do for all my prospective pv customers and there is no charge. It’s all part of the service.

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