How to save money if I can't afford solar panels?

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      I have a semi-detached home and would love to install solar, however, my situation at the moment prohibits this.

      Is there anything I can do to save on my energy bills without the expense of solar panels.

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      If you turn your thermostat down just 1 degree they will not notice the difference……and save approx £75 per year. (Source

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      Gerald Brady

      If the figures quoted by the industry about the return on a solar panel array are correct and you could borrow the money for the installation and keep up the payments for 6 months, the FIT payments would be greater than your loan repayments, effectively giving you free solar panels. (Plus free electricity) I got my panels nearly 5 years ago and the financial return is fantastic (£15,500 for the system, £1,900 in FIT payments this last 12 months)

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      Try not to use the dryer part of your washer. They are the work of the devil in energy consumption. Everyone needs to wash clothes, but by being clever you can avoid tumble drying and the high cost of running them.

      A washing line is a simple way to use the sun to reduce your energy costs, but in today’s technology world, it’s largely a forgotten concept.

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