Does it matter where the Inverter is to be sited?

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    Does it matter more for the Inverter to be sited nearer the solar panels having a shorter D.C. run? OR Is it better for the Inverter to be sited nearer the consumer unit having a shorter A.C. run?

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    Norfolk Solar

    Hi John

    I think most installers try to keep the DC run as short as possible, but there is nothing wrong in a long DC run if you have no choice. If the DC run is that long they should do the calculations and use the correct size DC cable.

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    Hi John.

    “ Cable Type and Installation Method
    To minimise the risk of faults, PV D.C. cable runs should be kept as short as practicable.”

    Source: MCS Guide to the Installation of Photovoltaic Systems 2013.

    You can download a .pdf copy for free here:

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    P Wilson

    is it ok in loft/roof space or is this likely to be too hot?

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    The loft space is actually the most popular place to install the inverted box. This has the benefit of a short DC cable run and minimum installation disruption within the living spaces of the property.

    I’ve never heard of temperature being a factor for the inverter, but cooler panels do work more efficiently (contrary to popular belief).

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