Can solaredge optimiser(p350) used on sunpower 327watts panel

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    Recently had a call from one of the solar installer stating that he cannot use the solar edge optimiser with the sunpower panel as they have high volts and would blow the optimers. Could you kindly let me know if it’s the case I wanted the p350i solaredge optimiser with 4000se inverter and 12 327 watts sunpower panels installed as there is shading on my south facing roof thanks

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    Stuart Lovatt

    Both Solaredge and Enphase have problems with Sunpower and BenQ panels voltage.

    If space is a premium has the installer tried Pansonic Hybrids. I think they are compatible and are continually fighting with Sunpower over which is the best panel.

    If space is not an issue, then for my money the ROI with a good quality REC, Hyundai or LG panel is better.

    Hope this helps.

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    The Solarworld panel is a monocrystaline panel, our most popular panel by far.

    The price doesn’t seem too bad, we installed a 21.2 Kw system with Solarworld 265W panel and Solar Edge Optimisers which was under 20k and a return in 5-6 years. Hope this helps.

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