60w Solar Light

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      Hi, we have just bought a solar light with a 20w panel its not very good tbh only lasts 2hours lighting up time. The battery is 15000mah or so it says, I also have panels on the roof my question is ? could I tap into the panels on the roof and let it charge the light ? I have seen splitter cables which I could branch off and plug into the light. Or am I barking up the wrong tree.
      I have no electrical knowledge whats so ever, so before anyone slates me! a simple yes or no would be nice.

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      Hi Jayne

      Without knowing much about the external light concerned, I can only say that if it allows for a connection to your mains electricity then it plausible for your request.

      Any electrical spur annexing from your mains supply requires a Part P, qualified electrician.

      He will be able to tell you more upon inspection of your external light.

      Hope this helps.

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Stuart Lovatt
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