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Schematics for thermodynamic solar panels, installations and installers.

Solar panel suitability.

Thermodynamic solar panels enhance heat pumps

Thermodynamic solar panels are a hybrid of the air-source heat pump that enhances central heating systems, that reduce the use of traditional fuels.

Provides central heating and hot water.

In a nutshell.

Thermodynamic solar panels are the most recent breakthrough in the solar technology family. Whether it's night or day, this solar panel provides heat using passive heat from the local environment.

The breakthrough comes from being able to use indirect atmospheric heat in addition to direct heat from the sunshine.

The science bit.

The thermodynamic panel contains a refrigerant. This system has a boiling temperature of 25 Degrees Celsius and heat generation via compression through a heat pump.

Go solar.

We recommend installing PV solar panels working alongside a heating converter to heat a water tank today.

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"A breakthrough coming from using atmospheric heat."

A different perspective

If you want to see how a heat pump works, then just put your finger over the hole of a cycle tyre pump. Make your finger create a seal and push down the plunger. Voila!

The metallic screw thread on the cycle pump will feel hot.

Heat pumps use solar energy via atmospheric heat, while thermodynamic solar panels harness solar power.

The black solar panels enhance the effects of these hybrid heat pumps.

Questions about thermodynamic solar panels

Do I need planning permission?

No planning permission is required, in most domestic cases.

Do thermodynamics work in the UK climate?

Yes, because the system doesn't need direct sunlight. Thermodynamic solar panels are developed for night and day use.

How does this work?

How much will a system cost?

The cost of a system depends on several factors but is usually based on hot water tank size.

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Can I install thermodynamic solar panels myself?

In most cases, No.

An MCS installer must legally commission an installation.

What water temperatures can I expect?

The operating temperature is 55° Celcius, which is suitable for all washing and bathing. However, an anti-legionella system activates to raise the temperature to 70° Celsius.

Why update my hot water tank?

Old 'copper' hot water tanks run exceptionally inefficiently, especially after many years of use. Limescale will reduce performance.

When installing any solar heating system, it's essential to establish a modern more efficient tank to get the most out.

How is central heating possible?

It'll be working side-by-side with your conventional boiler still using a secondary coil in an updated hot water tank.

How long will it take to install?

Only a few hours in most cases.

How long do solar heating panels last?

A system will easily last twenty-five years.

Thermodynamics or traditional solar panels?

The benefit of thermodynamic panels is that you don't need a southerly facing roof space like traditional solar panels. These panels can also be wall-mounted, thus allowing more homes to adopt.

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