PV solar panel installations in the Uniterd Kingdom.

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      Roger Frere

      Good evening.
      I would love to fit panels but unsure as to the payback. My last electric covering 14/10/22 to 11/01/23 (3months)? was £340. Have to say more a green thing than a saving. As long as it washed its face? I am more than capable of the installation, all to be put on south facing summer house and workshop. Battery storage would be a must as would FiT. Already have a successful commercial system running on the far4m which paid back easily within the 7 years budgeted.
      More than happy to pay your fee even if you say “not for me” Oh and consider I am retired and 70, so payback may be a problem.
      Thanks for being there.
      Roger Frere

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      Hi Roger

      Self-installations cannot be grid-connected. The MCS-accreditation is required to do this (think of Gas Safe for heating systems). Proper certification is required when dealing the export tariff applications.

      If you want to power the main property in addition to the summer house, I can only recommend getting a proper grid-tied installation done with the additional expense of proper installers. How far is the summer house from the main property? Distance affects final output.

      Seven-years is correct regarding payback, (more with battery storage), but ultimately down to consumption levels.

      If your happy just powering the summer house only, then a standard standalone kit (think of canal boats with solar panels) may be an option?

      Hope this helps.

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