PV solar panel installations in the Uniterd Kingdom.

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      David Williams

      Hi Stuart,
      I spoke briefly on the phone. I don’t think I’m ready for a ‘consultation’ just yet. I was looking to ask for a general view on the following based on installing in summer 2024.
      a) What is the maximum solar we can install without feeding into the grid?
      b) What would be the rough increase in cost of installing on the roof of the house compared with installing on a ‘stand’ in the garden?
      c) Would installing Solar PV and Solar evacuated tubes at the same time result in installation saving or do you simply treat them as two separate systems?

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      I’m ready when you are:

      A. Why wouldn’t you want to feed surplus to the grid. The UK solar industry worked really hard in the early 2000s to get remuneration payments for self-generators. Payments are a form of offsetting, so you when over producing, those financial benefits you during the winter months.

      B. The cost will be negligible really, as the cost of scaffolding would be about the same cost of the A frame construction of a ground mount. The shorter the wiring distance the better.

      C. An evacuated tube system will cost around three grand, compared to a PV heat converter that costs a few hundred quid.

      Hope this helps.

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