Cleaning evacutated tube reflector

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    Jon Carlson

    We installed your Sun system TRC12 tube array in 2011 and have been very pleased with it.. once we got all the air out of the system! But now 5 years on the reflectors are building up a layer of green algae — while the tubes seem to keep clean on their own + an annual mop, I can not find a way to clean the reflector. The unit is all in one with direct flow through the tubes, I believe, so taking the tubes out is not an option.. are there any special shaped brushes / mops that can restore the reflector ?

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    Hi Jon

    This not a problem that I have ever come across before, but sure others must encounter the same issue too.

    I don’t know of any specific tool, but sounds like an engineering challenge of the homemade variety.

    Not sure what angle your approaching, but maybe cobble together a garden cane with a sponge tied to the end to get some soapy water into those hard-to-reach reflectors.

    Hope this garden shed approach helps.

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    Ah thought as much. I have already tried toilet brush and sponges, but not good to do from top of ladder. So hope to get scaffold tower up and try out a few ideas. I’ll let you know if anything works.


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