Changing the configuration of a FIT system

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      I would like to alter the FIT system on my house. It is out in the country and currently all the power goes out to the grid. I would like to be able top switch the power into the house. Our last power cut lasted for 4 days and during that time I got no benefit at all from the panels income or power wise. Can you please tell me how I can go about applying for this.

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      Hi Martin

      By default, a PV system will feed the house as a primary, and export as a secondary. I’ve never heard of anyone feeding out only, and not sure how you would go about this as it feeds into the mains board?

      If your worried about power cuts, I can only recommend a Tesla battery as back up, as they are built for the American market, were power cuts are more usual, due to the nature of their cobbled together grid system.

      The battery installer can then check your existing set-up for faults too.

      Hope this help.



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