Are solar panels worth installing?

Are solar panels worth installing, I’m asked regularly?

Why buy PV solar panels in the UK?

So why are solar panels worth installing?

I reply, energy expenditure has risen year on year, so why wouldn’t you?

After ten years of enthusiastically shouting from the rooftops about solar panels, I see a very different world from most people.

Traditional energy expenditure is a short-lived benefit compared to a one-off PV system purchase.

The world we knew is vastly different from today, it’s just that people are living in an outdated mindset.

Most people haven’t yet adjusted from the cheap and plentiful golden age we grew up within.

Solar panels with a three-decade service life are a much longer-term solution for homeowners in modern times.

Someone once said to me, “Let China sleep because once it stirs, you will awaken an untameable beast”.

Well, China did awake!

With a thirst for the world’s vital resources to feed its insatiable hunger, including the rare earth minerals that go into manufacturing photovoltaic panels.

The Chinese have become the biggest oil customer and moves to control other important strategic resources.

Today, we’re competing for limited global resources, including PV solar panels.

The inexpensive world we left behind is a faded memory and finding alternative ways to power our home and charge the car is inevitable.

Ironically, even the solar panel industry is not immune from Chinese influence as even the rare earth minerals that make up photovoltaic cells are affected!

Solar panels on your roof could be the smartest thing you purchase this decade.

China controls 97% of the world’s rare earth minerals, needed to manufacture photovoltaic cells.

Christmas shopping is a great analogy.

A few smart people get it done early, sit back relax and watch others in a mass panic later!

PV technologies will become essential, especially if you want to claim the generation tariffs.

Today’s switch culture is a very insignificant and short-term remedy.

Unfortunately, politics has very little influence on your quarterly utility bills.

Private energy suppliers feather their own nests, while consumers choose between eating or heating.

This can only worsen over time.

Today, solar panels with battery storage are “worth installing”.

Choosing self-generation is just common sense today.

Traditional energy companies hate the idea of households self-generating independence, but the most astute know it’s the only way to go.

So, don’t dilly dally because cheap solar panels may not be around indefinitely.

Yes, PV technologies are worth installing today.

"A new era has begun."

Stuart Lovatt 2013-12-05